Jon’s Vision From His 2004 Cookbook, Community Recipes II


I dream of making Hawaii a global economic power in technology, biotechnology, agricultural research, science, art, digital media, film, and alternative energy, which will benefit everyone. Entrepreneurs will play a significant role in creating new services and products. Skilled workers will be able to find jobs in Hawaii instead of leaving for the mainland United States. Labor will have more jobs in service, transporting goods, and building and maintaining infrastructure. The knowledge-based economy will be a wonderful addition to our tourism, military, and agriculture industries. This dream inspires me to keep working hard step by step. If island areas such as Japan and Taiwan can do it, so can Hawaii!

With a strong and diversified economy, more money will enter Hawaii and more revenues will be collected by the state. As a result, community programs will be positively impacted such as those working on drugs, domestic violence, sexual assault, at-risk youth, and crime.

In addition, I want to see Hawaii with a comprehensive recycling program where everyone participates. Every government building, transportation facility, college, private business, home, townhouse community trash location, and apartment building will have containers for “bottles and cans,” “burnable,” and “others. I will look to see if Hawaii can have a state-of-the-art facility to turn trash into re-usable material and convert processing energy into electricity. Technology will play a key role in recycling.

In regards to education, I would like to create a curriculum to get our children to be entrepreneurial with the lessons they learned in all their courses so they can understand that there is practicality in taking so many types of subject matters. I want to build a magnet science, technology and business school for students in the 8th to 12th grade levels. I also want to create a program encouraging parental involvement in their child’s education.

Further, I would like to see a modern mass transit system on Oahu that blends nicely with our city and environment. This system will stop at major locations throughout the island.

Finally, I hope a strong economy, an excellent education system, positive community programs, and increased parental involvement in their children’s lives will have a direct correlation in reducing crime. If so, that would top off my dream. I hope to achieve these goals in my political career.

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