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Haiku #19 – There’s Only One You

There’s only one you.

Love yourself and love others.

Live with gratitude.

-Jon Riki Karamatsu, 9/14/2016-

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James Altucher


James Altucher, an entrepreneur, author, and podcast show host has helped me in my life and career since my friend Ryan Sanada told me to listen to his podcast in April 2015 after my life took a slight downfall.  Altucher’s advice: Generate 10 ideas a day if you can; Idea sex or mix various ideas together; Work with others who have skills and ideas that compliment yours; Take care of your health; and most importantly, “Choose Yourself” – pursue all areas of your passions and dreams.

What makes James Altucher so appealing is his openness to not just his success, but his failures.  He has mentioned how he made millions of dollars and then lost it all; going through divorce; and feeling depressed to a point where he wanted to die. Yet through it all, he comes back and make millions of dollars again, evolves with new business ideas, and networks with other amazing people.

Here’s a link to James Altucher’s website:

Also, download his podcast show “The James Altucher Show” and another podcast show that he co-hosts with entrepreneur Stephen J. Dubner called “Question of the Day” where they answer questions and give advice.


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Do you hear my heartbeat?

Do you hear my heartbeat?

Follow it.

It will guide you out of the blackness and into my world.

I’m waiting for you in the green meadows.

I’ll take you to the highest hill.

We can lay on the grass and watch the white clouds float among the pink skies.

When the bright blue raindrops fall onto us, open your mouth and enjoy the sweet taste.



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When I Sleep

When I sleep you’re always there for me.

Just a twinkle of your love lifts away all the gray.

Your smile sends rays of warmth throughout me.

Though it’s difficult for me to wake up,

your shield secures me for another day.

-Jon Riki Karamatsu, 9/8/2016-

(This poem was inspired by my first novel)

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Haiku #18

Memories warm my chest.

I trace your faded image

and hug you once more.

– Jon Riki Karamatsu, 9/7/2016 –

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