Representative Jon Riki Karamatsu’s 2010 television commercial for his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii.

My television commercial for Lieutenant Governor highlights my economic goals for Hawaii. I mention industries I have worked on such as technology, science, film & tourism. I expanded state grants for start-up science and technology companies in Hawaii that can be matched with federal funds. I helped pass the film production tax credit to make Hawaii a top location to film in the world.  I promoted Hawaii as a visitor destination throughout Asia.

We filmed on Ewa farm lands on Oahu. I have fought to protect prime agricultural lands & helped pass legislation supporting farm operations through state-backed loans & tax incentives for agricultural production costs.

We also filmed at the solar farm in Kona, Big Island, which I supported by passing $10 million in special purpose revenue bonds to help in its development.

I hired a company started by a graduate of the Academy of Creative Media (ACM) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  I suported the creation of ACM. The sound was done by a teacher for the Mele program (Music) at Honolulu Community College, another program I supported the creation of.

The blue light in my TV commercial symbolizes positive energy. We can overcome negativity with positivity.

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