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Awarded “2008 Champion of Small Business” from the National Coalition for Capital

From July 22 to 27, I was in New orleans, Louisiana where I attended the annual National Conference of State Legislatures.  I attended meetings, caucuses, and met with other politicians and leaders from the business and non-profit sectors.  On the the first night there, I attended an organized dinner with the Hawaii delegation.  In the middle of the dinner, a government relations businessperson took me over to another dinner hosted by the National Capital Coalition for Capital to stop by, which I did not RSVP for.  I said “hello” to a young successful businessman I had become friends with over the years and a number of other businessmen and some politicians from other states.  They surprised me with an award, the “2008 Champion of Small Business” from the National Coalition for Capital.  I received the award and made a small speech.

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Some of my Strategy for Compassion, Happiness, and Peace will be released on 08/08/08

It will probably be years before I complete my strategy for compassion, happiness, and peace.  However, I want to share at least some of it with you by August 8, 2008 or 08/08/08 because it is an auspicious day.  Hopefully, by sharing with you my positivity on this day, happiness will reach all of you.

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Endorsements and Contributions

I just got word that I got endorsed by several business and union organizations.  Also, since June 2008, I received several thousand of dollars from a number of donors.  The cost of campaigning has steadily gone up over the last six years.  I was hoping, I could reduce the amount of money I spend in an election, which is about $40,000 or more.  I really feel uncomfortable spending so much money.  Since there are a lot of potential challengers, it looks like I will spend a comparable amount of money to get my message out, therefore, I will keep up my effort to raise funds.

I am continuing my usual grassroots style of campaigning like I have done in the past.  I can afford to lose 5 to 10 pounds but not 15 to 20 pounds like I did in the last 3 elections.  This is the eighth time I have come to visit many of you.  I have walked over 45,000 homes over the last 5 1/2 years.  Mahalo for all your advice and comments.

I really appreciate your support.  If you would like to help my campaign, you can:

Volunteer: Email me at

Donate: Checks payable to Friends of Jon Riki Karamatsu and mail it to P.O. Box 970146, Waipahu, Hawaii 96797

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July 14, 2008 Meetings

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a couple of union leaders at the Ironworkers office.

I also met with a nice lady and her two nephews who are about to graduate high school.  She read about me in the newspapers and wanted me to help motivate her nephews.  I told the two boys about myself.  I shared how I got involved in sports, community, business, law, and politics.  Since everything I do is strategized and planned years in advance, I showed them my strategy book and calendar.  I explained how I came up with my strategy to better Hawaii when I was in college.  I also shared that life is full of ups and downs and challenges, thus, I gave them an advanced copy of my summarized strategy to achieve, compassion, happiness, and peace.  It was nice to see how much their aunty cared for them.  I wish many good things for them!

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Filipino Community Events

I attended many Filipino community events this year.  Some of the notable events were:

1.  Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii Legislative Listen – January 2008 at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii;

2.  Hawaii State House of Representatives Filipino Caucus – About twice a month from January to May 2008;

3.  University of the Philippines Alumni Association Dinner – Early Spring 2008 at Hale Koa Hotel;

4.  I sponsored and presented the trophy to Ms. Terno Ball – Spring 2008 at Ala Moana Hotel;

5.  Greeted Philippine Ambassador to the U.S. and a Philippine Senator at Philippine Consul General Ariel Y. Abadilla’s residence – April 2008;

6.  Care Home Operators Meeting – Spring 2008 at Waipahu Intermediate School;

7.  United Filipino Council of Hawaii Golf Tournament – Spring 2008;

8.  Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii’s Filipino Entreprenuer of the Year and Scholarship Awards – April 5, 2008 at Hilton Hawaiian Village;

9.  I sponsored and presented the bouquet to United Filipino Council of Hawaii Mrs. Hawaii Filipina – June 2008;

10.  110th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence – Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at the Honolulu Country Club;

11.  Dedication of the Filipino House at the Children’s Discovery Center – May or June 2008?; and

12.  Filipino Chamber of Commerce’s 54th Annual Installation Banquet – Saturday, July 5, 2008 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

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Waipahu Hongwanji Bon Dance

I attended the Waipahu Hongwanji Bon Dance.  I danced to the “Fukushima” song.  I thought of my grandma Karamatsu when I danced.  She used to dance with me and my sisters at the Jodo Shu bon dances.

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Honolulu Central Seventh-day Adventist Church – Festival of Religious Freedom

Below is my speech for the Honolulu Central Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Festival of Religious Freedom.  I freestyled so I went a little off the written speech.


Aloha and good morning,


My name is Jon Riki Karamatsu and I am a State Representative from District 41, which comprises of Waikele, Royal Kunia, Village Park and Waipahu.  I am honored to be here today to participate in your Hawaii Festival of Religious Freedom.


Your festival gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate the importance of religious freedom, and to spread the aloha spirit, a spirit of hospitality and compassion.  A unity of all people of diverse backgrounds makes us stronger in our quest to better our world.


I want to thank your church for all the work you do to teach compassion.  I truly believe that compassion can lead one to happiness, and ultimately to peace within.  When a majority of the people are compassionate, happy, and peace, a majority of the world will be at peace.  That is how we can achieve world peace.


I have been a strong advocate for peace.  In the 2007 Legislative Session, my Peace Day Bill, House Bill 345 was signed into law as Act 023 by the Governor on April 18, 2007.  The law establishes September 21st annually as Peace Day in Hawaii to promote peace programs, improve international relations, and increase educational awareness of peace.  I was inspired to create this bill after being approached by the Hawaii Federation of Junior Young Buddhist Association members, who presented a similar resolution to their state council.  I chose September 21st because it was already designated as the International Day of Peace by the United Nations.  I am looking forward to celebrating our second Peace Day celebration on Sunday, September 21st and hope you will be able to participate in our celebration.


I would like to extend my best wishes and warmest aloha to all of you.  I hope you have a very successful and rewarding weekend.


Thank you.


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