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Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu becomes Chair of the Economic Development and Business Concerns Committee

Last Friday, September 16, 2005, Governor Linda Lingle appointed Bev Harbin to replace the Downtown Honolulu House seat vacated by Rep. Ken Hiraki when he took a position with Hawaiian Telcom. Today, Speaker Calvin K. Y. Say officially announced Rep. Bob Herkes to take the chair of the Consumer and Protection Committee vacated by Rep. Hiraki. As of Tuesday, September 20, 2005, I was named chair of Chair of the Economic Development and Business Concerns Committee, which Rep. Herkes chaired. Rep. Kyle Yamashita replaces me as vice chair of the Tourism and Culture Committee. Rep. Ryan Yamane is now vice chair of the Legislative Management Committee, which Rep. Yamashita occupied.

I thouroughly enjoyed the last three years as vice chair of Tourism and Culture under the chair, Rep. Jerry Chang. Being vice chair of Tourism and Culture under Chair Chang was an awesome experience and I thank Speaker so much for that opportunity. Likewise, I am extremely grateful for my new assignment to chair the Economic Development and Business Concerns Committee.

I will do my best to strengthen Hawaii's economy. I want to diversify our economy by strengthening our technology, biotechnology, science, art, digital media, and film industries. In addition, I will work hard to help our workforce and infrastructure.

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Half Full

My mother taught me to always look at a cup that is filled halfway with water as being half full rather than half empty. We must remember all the positives in life.

I am so fortunate to have been brought up in a family that stressed discipline, but I always knew love was the basis of everything. I love my family.

I enjoy my friends. I appreciate all the girls who were a part of my life. I like you for who you are. If you are a good person, you are a good person.

There is a modern way of the samurai where honor, discipline, courage and love is one and the same. The 442nd Regimental Combat Team, 100th Battalion, Military Intelligence Service (MIS), 522nd Artillery, 1399 Engineers, and Americans of Japanese Ancestry (AJAs) of the World War II generation had that spirit. They fought fascism overseas and racism back home in the United States. I am lucky to have learned from a number of people from this great generation.

I always hear the statement, “You cannot solve the problems of the world.” I will try. Although there are many negative things in our country and the world, I channel the negative energy and use that energy to do something positive.

Even in death, I am alive. I will live through you as you try to change the world for the better.

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Reflecting on My Family and Travels

I love my family. My father Richard is an electrical engineer for the federal government. My mother Laraine is an elementary school teacher. My younger sister Mia is a medical doctor in Orange County, California. My baby sister Lara is a civil engineer in Southern Washington State, commuting from Portland, Oregon. My grandma Karamatsu is healthy and doing well. My friends are fun and supportive.

Experiencing various places has taught me a lot. It has made me stronger and open-minded.

Places I have experienced:
1. Honolulu, Hawaii
2. Kauai, Hawaii
3. Maui, Hawaii
4. Big Island, Hawaii
5. Bay Area, California
6. Southern California
7. Seattle, Washington
8. Spokane, Washington
9. Small towns in Eastern Washinton
10. Denver, Colorado
11. Vail, Colorado
12. Colorado Springs, Colorado
13. Phoenix, Arizona
14. Alberqurque, New Mexico
15. Boseman, Montana
16. Courdelane, Idaho
17. Small towns in Northern Idaho
18. Las Vegas, Nevada
19. Reno, Nevada
20. Winnemucca, Nevada
21. Portland, Oregon
22. Small towns in Western Oregon
23. Washinton D.C.
24. Arlington, Virginia
25. Baltimore, Maryland
26. Small towns in Maryland.
27. Orlando, Florida
28. Tampa Bay, Florida
29. St. Petersburg, Florida
30. New York City, New York
31. Tokyo, Japan
32. Fukuoka, Japan
33. Osaka, Japan
34. Kumamoto, Japan
35. Hiroshima, Japan
36. Miyajima, Japan
37. Kyoto, Japan
38. Nikko, Japan
39. Hakone, Japan
40. Shanghai, China
41. Beijing, China
42. Tianjin, China
41. Hong Kong, China
43. Macau, China
44. Bangkok, Thailand
45. Chiangmai, Thailand
46. Vancouver, Canada
47. Whistler, Canada

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