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Halloween Ghost Story

There are ghosts that go about the world of the living as if they are still living with us.  Some try to get our attention or communicate with us.  Then there are ghosts that choke you, attack you, or even kill you.  Don't just be scared of the evil spirits.  After all, there are more evil people alive than there are good.  We can bring back balance through compassion and helping others.  Therefore, we must try to save others and help them to find peace and happiness even if we cannot save ourselves by the time of our death.  However, when we fall, maybe there is a chance someone will be there to save us?  

I don't see ghosts, but I have had a variety of unexplainable experiences.  I wonder if there is a scientific explanation for some of my experiences?  I had a few experiences as a child and during high school.  However, I had a huge amount of experiences when I launched my political career and planned my goals for Hawaii and the United States while a student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  I had a couple of experiences while at Gonzaga University School of Law.  Then I had a string of events while studying for the Hawaii State Bar at the University of Hawaii William S. Richardson School of Law up until making my decision to follow through on my seven-year plan to enter Hawaii politics.  At the Hawaii State Capitol, there are unusual happenings, but I haven't experienced much so far.  This year, I was told by someone who can see ghosts, that there is a dark cloud that looms outside of my state office's door.

For the last couple of years, I have placed blessed omomori and kadomatsu by the entrances of my house, business office, and state office to protect myself from evil spirits and bad energy.  The first several days of 2007 was unusual because every so often when I would open my house door to go outside, my kadomatsu would be moved from the side of the door to the middle, blocking my door from opening.  It would definitely protect me better at the center of my entrance rather than on the side.  At first, I thought some kid or kids were playing pranks on me.  However, this would happen late at night when most people were sleeping and in the early morning before I left for work.  Why would anyone stay up late or wake up early to prank me for days?  

I later found out from Feng Shui and a Shinto priest that 2007 would be a rough year for me.  I had a hard time believing such a warning because until recently, 2007 was the best year for me as an elected official as I was promoted to Vice Speaker of the House and passed a number of legislation such as Peace Day, $9.2 million for Kunia agriculture land banking, and $10 million in special purpose revenue bonds for Sopogy Inc. to build a solar farm in Kona.  In addition, I got all the appropriations I wanted for my schools, highways, and non-profit organizations in my district.  Finally, with my packed schedule often going into the late evenings, I was able to network with hundreds of wonderful community and business leaders.  Was the mysterious moving of the Kadomatsu a warning sign of the danger I was facing in 2007 or was it a prank done by someone or some persons?

The spirits seem to target or attack only certain people.  If you haven't experienced them, consider yourself lucky.  But maybe one night while you are alone, you may feel a couple of hands firmly gripping your neck as you gasp for air.  Whether we die as a good spirit or evil spirit is up to us.  Live life to the fullest.  Happy Halloween!


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Heartfelt Thanks

I am sorry.  I appreciate the many phone calls, emails, letters, and visits in this challenging time.  I have sincere appreciation to all my family, friends, supporters, constituents, and opponents.

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