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Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu’s 2006 Bills

Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu’s 2006 Bills:

HB 2053
Sexual Violence; Prevention; Education ($)
Appropriates funds to the department of education to develop and implement a sexual violence prevention curriculum that will feature multiple, age appropriate lesson plans targeted at kindergarten through 12th grade students, a teacher-friendly lesson plan format, and flexible, interactive learning activities for students.

HB 2054
Sex Offenders; Sentencing
Authorizes the court at sentencing to require a person convicted of sexual assault in the first degree to wear a global positioning system transmitter for up to 10 years after the person’s release from prison.

HB 2117
Economic Development
(Short Form Bill)

HB 2118
Economic Development
(Short Form Bill)

HB 2119
Economic Development
(Short Form Bill)

HB 2120
Economic Development
(Short Form Bill)

HB 2121
Economic Development
(Short Form Bill)

HB 3057
High Technology Development Corporation; High Technology Research; Appropriation ($)
Appropriates funds to the high technology development corporation for the small business innovation research grant program, the small business technology transfer program, and the phase 0 competition assistance Program.

HB 3058
High Technology Innovation Corporation; Exemptions
Exempts the High Technology Innovation Corporation from chapter 36, HRS, relating to the management of state funds, chapter 38, HRS, relating to the deposits of state funds, and chapter 40, HRS, relating to state audit and accounting.

HB 3059
High Technology; Technology Transfer
Establishes a small business technology transfer program by authorizing the awarding of grants to Hawaii businesses that receive federal; small business innovation research grants or federal technology transfer program grants.

HB 3060
Small Business Technology Transfer Program; Established
Establishes a small business technology transfer program within the high technology development corporation.

HB 3061
Workforce Development Council
Transfers the workforce development council from the department of labor and industrial relations to the department of business, economic development, and tourism for administrative purposes.

HB 3062
Venture Capital; Appropriation ($)
Appropriates matching funds to the Hawaii strategic development corporation to be utilized in attracting additional private venture capital to accelerate the growth of Hawaii’s technology sectors.

HB 3063
Economic Development Alliance of Hawaii; Appropriation
Appropriates funds to EDAH for the expansion of technology training opportunities.

HB 3064
Hawaii Innovations Fund; State Private Investment Fund ($)
Establishes the Hawaii Innovations Fund (HIF) to provide grants to individuals or businesses that conduct research or product development in the life sciences, qualified high technology, and advanced technology fields. Appropriates $100,000,000 to be deposited into the HIF, with $50,000,000 transferred from HIF to the State Private Investment Fund.

HB 3065
State Private Investment Fund
Increases the total amount of issued and transferable tax credits. Adds insurance premium taxes to the list of applicable taxes. Ensures that tax credits will be invested in Hawaii companies. Authorizes the corporation to use refundable credits to support technology industry development efforts.

HB 3066
Green Facility Tax Credit
Establishes a tax credit for the acquisition of environmentally-friendly green technology facilities.

HB 3067
Linked Investments; Agricultural Loans
Establishes linked investments to provide loan funds for agriculture. Authorizes the State to invest in linked investments.

HB 3068
Agriculture; Kunia Special Agricultural District ($)
Establishes Kunia Special Agriculture District; requires Agribusiness Development Corp. to acquire public and private lands within the district for the development of agricultural projects and project facilities; allows use of funds in the Hawaii agricultural development revolving fund and linked investment loans; makes an appropriation.

HB 3069
Use of Biological Resources; Benefit Sharing ($)
Requires DLNR to implement permitting system for collection of biological resources from Hawaii and provides for use of revenues. Appropriates $250,000.

HB 3070
Agricultural Processing Plant; General Obligation Bonds ($)
Authorizes the issuance of general obligation bonds for the land acquisition, plans, design, construction, and equipment of an agricultural processing plant to be built near the Honolulu International Airport. Requires State department of agriculture to enter into contract with a private entity to obtain services necessary to run agricultural processing plant.

HB 3071
Eminent Domain; Appropriation; Royal Kunia ($)
Appropriates funds for the condemnation of land in Royal Kunia for the establishment of a state park.

HB 3072
Construction Authority; Creation; Appropriation ($)
Creates a construction authority under DCCA to ensure proper compliance with laws concerning labor, contractors, and construction projects. Creates construction authority special fund from portion of GET taxes, to pay employee salaries. Makes appropriation.

HB 3073
Construction Industry Authority; construction ($)
Establishes a Construction Industry Authority.

HB 3074
Hawaii construction authority; construction; task force ($)
Establishes a task force to study the feasibility of establishing a Hawaii construction authority.

HB 3075
Best Value Procurement
Allows “best value” principles and criteria to be used in procuring construction contracts through the competitive sealed proposals process.

HB 3076
Hawaii construction authority; construction; land development ($)
Establishes a Hawaii Construction Authority.

HB 3077
SPRBs; Manufacturing Facility; Rosette Steel Hawaii ($)
Authorizes issuance of up to $15,000,000 in SPRBs to assist Rosette Steel Hawaii in a manufacturing enterprise.

HB 3078
Sex Assault; Disposition of Minor Accused
Permits family court to commit minor, age 11 or older at the time of act that constitutes the offense of first degree sexual assault, for full term authorized by definition of offense. Provides for minor upon attaining age of majority, to be committed to custody of director of public safety for balance of term.

HB 3079
State and County Bond Sales; Competitive Sale of Bonds; Required
Requires that businesses that are retained by the State and counties to sell its bonds be hired through a competitive process. Requires that state and county bonds be sold through a competitive sale process.

HB 3080
Digital Media; Tax Credit
Temporarily replaces the motion picture and film production tax credit with the motion picture, digital media, and film production tax credit which provides an income tax credit amounting to 15% of qualified production costs incurred, in any county of Hawaii with a population over 700,000, and 20% in any county of Hawaii with a population under 700,000; establishes criteria to qualify for the tax credit; caps credit at $8,000,000 per production.

HB 3081
Appropriation; State-Owned Aircraft ($)
Appropriates $1,900,000 for the department of transportation to purchase a state-owned aircraft to be used in the conduct of state business. Requires the department to adopt rules concerning the use and maintenance of the aircraft.

HB 3082
Gasoline; Storage Facility ($)
Requires DOT to establish and maintain a gasoline storage facility; allows Governor to sell gasoline from facility at wholesale price determined by PUC in times of shortage or drastic increases in gasoline prices; makes appropriation.

HB 3083
Fireworks; Counties
Allows the counties to pass ordinances and adopt rules relating to fireworks that are more restrictive than applicable state laws. Bans the use of fireworks on July 4th.

HB 3084
Gift Certificates; Validity; Maintenance Fees Prohibited
Establishes that gift certificates are valid in perpetuity and adds maintenance fees as a fee that is prohibited from being charged to dormant or inactive gift certificates.

HB 3085
State Lottery; Education
Creates state lottery, Hawaii gaming control commission, and state lottery special fund. Provides for payment of winnings and operations. Reserves remainder to fund elementary to post-secondary education. Prohibits recipients of state financial assistance from buying lottery tickets.

HB 3086
General Excise Tax; Exemption; Business
Provides a GET exemption to small businesses that derive at least 90% of their business from exports.

HB 3224
Sexual Assault; Date Rape Drugs
Amends the definition of “strong compulsion” to include the use or attempt to use a controlled substance to overcome a person.

HB 3225
Amends chapter 514B, Hawaii Revised Statutes. Amends chapter 514C, Hawaii Revised Statutes, to make sections consistent with chapter 514B.

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