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Happy New Year! 2018!

Since April 7, 2015, I’ve been working quietly on a few start-up companies and taking in business clients once in a while that need legal or government affairs services. I often joke to my friends or acquaintances who wonder what I’m up to, by telling them that I’m training quietly at a planet in the outer rim called Tatooine where Obiwan Kenobi and Luke Sywalker were in hiding, and rebuilding the way of the Jedi. On the eve of 2018, I reflect on the things I’ve done in 2017 such as spending time with my family on 83 occasions or days; being with my sister Mia and her family who lives in the Bay Area, California for 12 days, and when apart, video conferencing them 27x with my parents and sister Lara; exercising (running, lifting weights, and swimming) 144x; running 550 miles; finishing the Honolulu Marathon and Great Aloha Run; writing 68,979 words for my 2nd novel; receiving a finalized land deal just before the end of the year that I will sign on behalf of one of the companies I’m building; working on 3 other start-up projects in the preliminary stages that’s slated for launch in 2018; and traveling to Beverly Hills, California in February 2017 for work and San Mateo, California in December 2017 to share the Holiday Season with my immediate family. Excited for 2018!!!

Here, I’m pictured in San Mateo, California as I enjoy my time with my family. I wish you a happy, healthy, and succesful 2018!!!

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Affection Begins

A pinch on my toe.

Meditate. Transcend. We meet.

Affection begins.

– Jon Riki Karamatsu, Haiku Poem #106, 12/30/2017 –

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I Must Work Furiously

Burning down my time.

I must work furiously.

Leave a bit of me.

– Jon Riki Karamatsu, Haiku Poem #105, 12/29/2017 –

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The Map Of My Soul

The map of my soul.

Seven million words for you.

Use it to find peace.

– Jon Riki Karamatsu, Haiku Poem #104, 12/21/2017 –

#haiku #haikupoem #haikupoems #haikupoetry #poem #poems #poetry #creativewriting #writing #peace


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My Birthday – December 21, 2017

Celebrated my birthday with my immediate family: my mom, dad, younger sister Lara Karamatsu and brother-in-law Ross Kohara at Alan Wong’s in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 21, 2017. My younger sister Mia, brother-in-law Mike, 5-year-old niece Elyse, 2-year-old niece Sophie, and 2-day old Adalei are in the Bay Area, California.

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Baby Niece

Feeling good this morning! My younger sister Mia, second of 3 siblings had a baby girl, her third daughter! Mia and her family lives in the Bay Area, California. I have tears of joy forming as I write this, amongst all the work I’m doing for my business projects. I can’t wait to see them soon!

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I don’t want to hold back my feelings.

I don’t ever wanna hold back feelings

So here I go

Into that heartless, darkness

Fading out slow

I don’t ever wanna hold back feelings

So I’ma let it go 

“Walls” by Wingtip ft. Delacey

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