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House Floor Presentation on First Hawaiian Bank 150th Anniversary

House Floor Presentation
First Hawaiian Bank 150th Anniversary
February 28, 2008

Mr. Speaker, 

I also would like to congratulate First Hawaiian Bank as it celebrates its 150th anniversary in Hawaii.  In 1996, First Hawaiian Bank opened its headquarters, the state-of-the-art First Hawaiian Center, which quickly became the center of downtown Honolulu, a uniquely shaped building offering panoramic views of Oahu and the Pacific and an art gallery showcasing the work of local artists. 

Throughout his long life, Charles Reed Bishop gave generously to brighten the future for families throughout the islands.  First Hawaiian Bank continues his legacy of giving back to the community.  First Hawaiian Bank has been a supporter for the Public School Foundation, Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific, Hokule'a 2007 voyage, the YMCA, and Catholic Charities just to name a few. 

First Hawaiian Bank is admirably the state's largest corporate giver, having contributed to over 150 nonprofit agencies in 2007 and providing millions of dollars for health, education, human services, cultural, art, and religious programs throughout Hawaii.  Also, their employees live lokomaikai, the spirit of giving where they donated a record of $578,000 in 2007 to charities through their new in-house fund-raising program, Kokua Mai. 

Mr. Bishop and the bank he founded have always said “YES” to those less fortunate in the communities where we live and work. 

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

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Fundraiser for Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu

Fundraiser for Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu

Bishop Museum
Hawaiian Courtyard & Atrium Court
(Next to the Polynesian Hall)
1525 Bernice Street
Honolulu, Hawaii

Thursday, April 3, 2008

5:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Suggested Donation $50
Checks payable to Friends of Jon Riki Karamatsu

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Rep. Karamatsu’s Bills Introduced for the 2008 Legislative Session

House Bill 2316
Protects agricultural classified land from rezoning if the land produces at least $1,000,000 in gross income annually.

House Bill 2317
Authorizes the agribusiness development corporation to use revenue bonds to purchase agricultural land, including in Kunia on Oahu. Appropriates funds to purchase these lands. Enables the agribusiness development corporation to contract with banks to provide lease management services. Allows the agribusiness development corporation to lease agricultural lands in these areas for up to 55 years.

House Bill 2318 (My companion bill: Senate Bill 2457 introduced by Senator Carol Fukunaga)
Provides that harassment includes all computer communications.

House Bill 2319 (My companion bill: Senate Bill 2456 introduced by Senator Carol Fukunaga)
Adds computer communication as a form of nonconsensual contact in the offense of harassment by stalking. 

House Bill 2320 (My companion Bill: Senate Bill 2458 introduced by Senator Carol Fukunaga) 
Establishes the offense of criminal impersonation, making it a petty misdemeanor to impersonate another person and place the person at risk of bodily injury.

House Bill 2321 (My companion bill: Senate Bills 2267 and 520 introduced by Senator Gary Hooser)
Establishes a peace mission committee within the office of international affairs to plan and implement peace missions to other nations and organizations. Appropriates funds.

House Bill 2322 (My companion bill: Senate Bill 2632 introduced by Senator Ron Menor)
Adds concentrating solar power energy systems as a new category for claiming the renewable energy technologies tax credit.

House Bill 2323 (My companion bill: Senate Bill 2200 introduced by Senator Clarence Nishihara)
Establishes visitor area beach restoration special fund; dedicates moneys in tourism special fund to visitor area beach restoration special fund for 1 year only.  Appropriates moneys from the special fund to pay for visitor area beach restoration project on Waikiki beach fronting the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. 

House Bill 2324 (By Request; Companion bill: Senate Bill 2369 introduced by Senator Mike Gabbard)
Excludes the first $50,000 in deferred income retirement plans from state income taxes. 

House Bill 2325
Authorizes the agribusiness development corporation to acquire interests in agricultural lands through lump sum purchase or installment purchase agreements. Makes an appropriation for the acquisition of certain lands in central Oahu owned by Dole Food Company of Hawaii.

House Bill 2744 (My companion bill: Senate Bill 2268 introduced by Senator Carol Fukunaga)
Creates for 20 years economic zones proximate to any mass transit route on Oahu. Grants nonrefundable tax credits in varying percentages to economic zone qualified businesses earning above and below $        in gross annual revenues. Grants    % tax credit for development of housing within zones.

House Bill 2745 (My companion bill: Senate Bill 2272 introduced by Senator Carol Fukunaga)
Creates a task force to recommend parameters for the creation of mass transit route economic zones including geographic criteria, eligibility for participating businesses, and benefits and incentives such as tax credits. Report to legislature. Task force terminates on 06/30/2009.

House Bill 2746 (My companion bill: Senate Bill 2744 introduced by Senator Carol Fukunaga)
Provides a tax credit and general excise tax exemption for the hydrogen fuel industry.

House Bill 2747 (My companion bill: Senate Bill 2745 introduced by the author, Senator Carol Fukunaga)
Establishes that communication of defamatory statements by telephone, facsimile, electronic mail, or other computer communication meets the requirement of publication.

House Bill 2748 (Companion bill: Senate Bill 2520 introduced by Senator Gary Hooser)
Appropriates funds for the operation and maintenance of the East Kauai irrigation system.

House Bill 2749 (Companion Bill: Senate Bill 2803 introduced by Senator Carol Fukunaga)
Implements recommendations of the 12/2007 report of the Hawaii identity theft task force to protect the security of personal information collected and maintained by state and county government.

House Bill 2750 (Companion bill: Senate Bill 2902 introduced by the author, Senator Gary Hooser)  
Appropriates funds for the Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace at the University of Hawaii for the hiring of a director; administrative, professional, and technical staff; and an assistant professor. Also appropriates funds for research and an international conference.

House Bill 2751 (Companion bill:Senate Bill 2614 introuduced by author, Senator Les Ihara)
Appropriates funds for archived and indexed video and audio streams of legislative proceedings on the internet.

House Bill 2817
Makes an appropriation of $4,800,000 for the music entertainment learning experience program at Honolulu community college, and issues general obligation bonds for site development, renovation, facilities remodeling, and studio construction.

House Bill 2818
Appropriates funds for the Institute for Peace.

House Bill 2819
Prohibits open possession of consumer fireworks other than during the days and times authorized by law.

House Bill 2820 (Companion bill Senate Bill 3157 introduced by Senator Colleen Hanabusa by request)
Amends the state water code to support making sufficient water available for agricultural activity on important agricultural lands.

House Bill 2821 (Companion bill: Senate Bill 3209 introduced by Senator Jill Tokuda)
Establishes tax credit for agricultural businesses on important agricultural lands.

House Bill 2822
Provides a tax credit equal to 50% of the costs for construction of a new drought mitigation water storage facility, or repair or reconstruction of an existing water storage facility.

House Bill 2823 (Introduced by Senator Colleen Hanabusa by request)
Establishes limitations on liability for damages for owners of dams and reservoirs.

House Bill 2824
Authorizes the court to sentence certain persons convicted of sexual assault in the first degree to wear a global positioning system transmitter for up to 10 years after the person’s release from prison.

House Bill 2825 (My companion bill: Senate Bill 3190 introduced by Senator Ron Menor)
Authorizes the issuance of special purpose revenue bonds in an amount not exceeding $35,000,000 to assist Sopogy, Inc. with planning, designing, construction, equipping, and operating a solar farm power plant on the island of Oahu to produce electricity from solar power.

House Bill 3311
Appropriates funds to the University of Hawaii college of education to do a feasibility study regarding the establishment of a center for peace education.

House Bill 3312
Requires certification of non-prescription health products sold in the State.

House Bill 3313 (Companion bill: Senate Bill 2613 introduced by the author, Senator Les Ihara)
Appropriates $80,000 to upgrade and enhance the wiring in the public rooms of the capitol, including the conference rooms used for public hearings, the capitol auditorium, and both chambers, to increase digital access and to improve safety and ease of use by the public.

House Bill 3314 (Companion bill: Senate Bill 3168 introduced by the author, Senator Carol Fukunaga)
Establishes the academy for creative media program in statute under the University of Hawaii at west Oahu; amends Act 11, special session 2007, to delete all references to a lease agreement with PBS Hawaii.

House Bill 3315
Appropriates funds for capital improvement projects in the 41st representative district.

House Concurrent Resolution 63 (Companion resolution: Senate Concurrent Resolution introduced by author, Senator Clarence Nishihara)
Requesting the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism and the Department of Land and Natural Resources to study the feasibility of creating a renewable energy sub-district classification of lands as permissible locations for renewable energy generation and to study, with the assistance of the Department of Taxation, the cost of providing a non-refundable income tax credit to residents of communities of renewable energy sub-districts that produce renewable energy.

House Concurrent Resolution 177 and House Resolution 150 (Companion resolutions: Senate Resolution 62 and Senate Concurrent Resolution 117 introduced by Senator Carol Fukunaga)
The community is requested to support the African American Diversity Cultural Center Hawaii in its efforts to locate a facility on state, county, or private lands.

House Concurrent Resolution 179 and House Resolution 152 (Companion resolutions: Senate concurrent Resolution 126 and Senate Resolution 65 introduced by the author, Senator Clarence Nishihara)
Requesting the Department of Health to establish a Global Warming Task Force to assess the impacts of global warming on the state.

House Bill 509 House Draft 1 (Speaker Emeritus Joe Souki inserted my language in the House Draft 1 of one of his short form bills)
Prohibits a towing company from charging the owner of a vehicle targeted for towing if the owner of the vehicle appears on the scene.

Rep. Karamatsu Supports Rep. Ken Ito’s Bills: 
House Bill 2957 (Companion bill: Senate Bill 2269 introduced by Senator Carol Fukunaga)
Provides a refundable small business exporter tax credit based on the percentage of out-of-state business conducted by a small business located in the State.

House Bill 2958 (Companion bill: Senate Bill 2270 introduced by Senator Carol Fukunaga)
Provides a non-refundable small business exporter tax credit based on the percentage of out-of-state business conducted by a small business located in the State.

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