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Happy Thanksgiving!

To my family, friends, & everyone I’ve met, thank you for your positive energy and all you do for society.  Also, I appreciate everything you have done for me.  Have a great Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones.  Live life to the fullest!

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My Political and Business Weapons

The following are my political and business weapons.  I plug the companies that make them because they perform well and are so important in my life.  They help me to keep working relentlessly towards my goals.

Dell Dimension 9200C Desktop Computer: I bought this computer in 2007.  I put all my ideas and strategies on my computer.  It is the most important weapon of all.

Mead Five Star Notebook: I write all my ideas and strategies in my notebook while in the field whether I’m in meetings, at events, or in a coffee shop.  I call my current notebook that I bought in 2009, “The Red Book” since it is red.

Motorola Droid Cellular Phone with Verizon Wireless: I bought the Droid on November 12, 2009.  The Droid is a super phone that helps me run my business, legislative office, campaign, and community projects.  The following are the applications I use: phone, contacts, calendar, text messaging, email, chat, Internet, tasks, alarm clock, GPS mapping, viewing and editing documents, Facebook, camera, picture gallery, calculator, Youtube, music, and Android Market.  My Microsoft Exchange calendar, contacts, and tasks syncs with my Google calendar, contacts, and tasks, thus my office staff, friends/strategists, and I can see the latest information at all times.  Plus it is on the best network in the nation with great coverage and few drop calls.  I can even make calls in some areas in basements of buildings.  I love this phone.

Sony Camera Cybershot DSC-T100: This camera has 8.1 megapixels and can capture a wide angle for a small camera that can fit into a pocket of most pants for males.  It is quick on the draw because instead of pressing a power button, you just slide down the front face cover and the power automatically goes on, therefore, it is great for quick pictures, especially on our campaign trail.  I bought this camera in 2007 and it is still is up there in technology capabilities.

2000 Nissan Frontier Truck: I got this truck in 2007.  My truck is like a mobile office.  I carry legislative, campaign, community, and business stuff in it all the time.  I’ve only owned used vehicles because I can’t afford a new one.  Maybe someday?

Parker Pen: I received my Parker Pen as a University of Hawaii at Manoa graduation gift in 1997 from my friend Isaac Nakata, a fellow colleague in the Associated Students of the University of Hawaii at Manoa or ASUH, the student government body of the institution.  My pen is blue but looks dark purple under certain lighting.  The pen is thy sword of the modern samurai.  I carry it on me at all times like a samurai would his sword(s).

AT&T Wireless Black Leather Business Card Holder: I got this businesscard holder free from AT&T Wireless in 2003, my freshman year in the Hawaii State House of Representatives.  I carry my business cards on me at all times.  I got my first cellular phone in 2002 with AT&T Wireless.

LG Bluetooth Ear Piece: I bought the bluetooth earpiece in 2009 to talk to people while driving or multi-tasking.

Nike Mettle Hammer Watch: My dad bought me this watch in 2008 since I haven’t had a watch for many years.  This digital watch is for me to get a quick time.  I use this to exercise too since it has a timer.  I need to get myself a dress watch to fit under my long-sleeve dress shirts and suits.

Jodo Shu Plum Wood Juzu (Buddhist Prayer Bead Bracelet): I bought the plum wood juzu from Jodo Shu in 2009 to keep me close with my ancestors and my teachers of compassion.  I pray to them for guidance and protection.  The beads also reminds me to strive for compassion.

Feng Shui Purple Ruby Bead Bracelet: I bought the Feng Shui purple ruby bracelet in 2009 to keep me balanced, protected, and filled with luck among other things.

Jodo Shu Omomori (Buddhist): The 2009 omomori keeps me protected.

Izuma Taisha Omomori (Shinto): The 2009 omomori keeps me protected.

List of my goals on my bedroom wall: I typed and printed all my personal goals and goals for Hawaii and the United States, and in November 2009, I taped them next to the head of my bed where I sleep so I can think of ideas before I sleep, while I sleep, and as soon as I wake up.  Sometimes I even dream about them.  I had dreams about a bill idea and legislation this year for example.

Pictures of my goals on my bedroom wall: On November 25, 2009, I printed black and white pictures of my personal goals and goals for Hawaii and the United States on my bedroom wall to keep a visual goal in my head before I sleep, while I sleep, and as soon as I wake up.

Suits, Dress Shirts, Ties, and Dress Shoes: For legislative sessions and formal dinners.

Aloha Shirts, Dress Slacks, and Dress Shoes: For non-legislative session days and business events.

Dry-Fit Golf Shirts, Khakis, and Leather Sport Shoes: For events in the outdoors or when I have do a lot of physical work such as campaigning for many hours.

Tote Bags:  I received many tote bags from organizations and companies at various events.  My campaign team and I use tote bags to carry all our campaign materials.

Palms Hotel Playboy Mug: I like to drink a hot beverage when I am thinking, strategizing, writing, and typing.  A favorite memory of mine is when I went to Las Vegas for a tradeshow, but mainly to be there for 07/07/07.  I played blackjack ($25 minimum a hand) at the Playboy Club in the Palms Casino and won about $300.  I bought the mug in July 2007 because it reminds me to work hard so I can reward myself to a Las Vegas trip.

Dragon/Great Wall of China Tea Mug:  As I mentioned for my Palms Hotel Playboy mug, the same goes for my Dragon/Great Wall of China Tea Mug,  I like to drink a hot beverage when I am thinking, strategizing, writing, and typing.  This mug is especially made for tea, and I enjoy drinking green tea from Japan.  My mom and dad went to China in September 2009, and my mom bought me a tea mug that has a design of a red dragon, and when there is hot tea inside, it turns into the Great Wall of China.  The mug comes with a strainer to be inserted in the mug where you can put fresh ground tea.  It also has a cover for the top of the mug to keep the tea hot.

777  (Triple 7) Restaurant Brewery Glass: Whenever, I drink cold beverages, I like to use my 777  (Triple 7) Restaurant Brewery Glass because on 07/07/07, I was in Las Vegas and ate at the 777  (Triple 7) Restaurant Brewery for lunch, which is in Main Street Hotel.  I bought the glass in July 2007 because it reminds me to work hard so I can reward myself to a Las Vegas trip.

Nano Ipod: I won this 5th generation Nano Ipod at an event on October 22, 2009.  When I need to relieve stress really quickly, I listen to my Ipod.  I also use it when I lift weights or run.

Samurai Swords: Behind me in my office is my grandpa Maurice Karamatsu’s samurai swords that was once displayed in his Kalihi house.  The swords push me to charge in an all-out blitz in everything I do.  It also reminds me that I must do all I can before I die.  The uncertainty of my demise is a huge motivating factor in my drive.

Well, these are some of my political and business weapons that help me really well.  I hope some of these may help you as well if you are not already using them?  Anything that makes you feel good and makes you want to take it to the next level is a plus.  Half the battle is psychological.  We have to win the war mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Good luck in all you do!

With Warmest Aloha,

Jon Riki Karamatsu

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“Read Aloud” at Waikele Elementary School

I participated in “Read Aloud” at Waikele Elementary School this morning from 8:30 A.M. to 9:45 A.M., November 25, 2009. I read a book “Miss Smith and the Haunted Library” to a sixth grade class taught by Ms. Regina Sakamoto. At the end of my storytelling, the students had a lot of questions about my background. I explained about my job as a state representative, my Internet retail business, & my community work. I also told them about the novel I am writing. They asked me to tell them about the story. I gave them a glimpse but they wanted to hear more and were interested in reading my book. A bunch of them asked me to autograph their papers and nametags. I really enjoyed spending time with the students.

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Pearl City – Waipahu Complex Area School Community Council Orientation Meeting

I attended the Pearl City – Waipahu Complex Area School Community Council Orientation Meeting at August Ahrens Elementary School from 5:00 P.M. until 7:00 P.M.

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Meeting with the AG

On Monday, November 23, 2009, Speaker Calvin Say, Rep. Marcus Oshiro, House staff & I met with the Attorney General & his staff at Speaker’s office from 10:00 A.M.

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Racing Against Time, Part VI

In our race against our time in this world of the living, let’s do our best to appreciate our loved ones, achieve as much as we can, and spread peace and compassion. We must build a strong foundation with our ideas and solidify strong relationships with as many people as we can, so our dreams and vision will continue long after we die.

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Time with my friend

On Saturday, November 22, 2009, I met with my friend who is now living in Oklahoma in the afternoon at Hala Koa Hotel by the pool and in the late evening at our friend’s grill restaurant.

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