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Stepped Down as Vice Speaker of the House

On Friday, December 28, 2007, I resigned from my position as Vice Speaker of the House because I felt badly about my mistake in my DUI incident and out of respect to the institution (House of Representatives).

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I spent the whole day helping to make mochi at Jodo Mission of Hawaii.  We used machines to make the mochi, but we did two batches the old fasioned way by pounding the rice with a mallet in a carved out stone.  It was my first time ever to pound mochi.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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Text From 2007 Holiday Mailer

Dear Friends and Neighbors,


            As you may know, I made a serious error in judgment by driving under the influence of alcohol this past October, for which I am taking full responsibility and am cooperating with the courts.  I was extremely fortunate not to have caused any harm to anyone.  I am deeply grateful that I now have the opportunity to learn from my mistake and better myself.


            I appreciate those of you who expressed your concern for my well being and those of you who shared with me your disappointment.  I look forward to every day of life.  On the back of this brochure, I have listed some of my 2008 goals for our community and state.  I will continue to do my best.  I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!


With Warmest Aloha,


Jon Riki Karamatsu

State Representative

41st District: Waikele, Royal Kunia, Village Park, Waipahu



Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu's 2008 Goals for District 41 and Hawaii


I plan to provide support for:

Waikele Elementary School

Honowai Elementary School

Kaleiopu'u Elementary School

Waipahu Intermediate School

Waipahu High School

Waipahu State Library

State Highways

State Facilities

Waipahu and Leeward Non-profit organizations


Technology, Renewable Energy, and Environmental Industries

·        Establish the Hawaii Innovations Partnership Corporation to provide research and development grants and to invest in enterprises in advanced technology, life sciences, and renewable energy fields.

·        Create a concentrated solar power tax credit.

·        Start a fuel cell tax credit.

·        Establish a tax credit for the development of environmentally-friendly green technology facilities.

·        Provide a General Excise Tax (GET) Exemption for green facilities or buildings in conformance with the United States Green Building Council's leadership in energy and environmental design green building rating system.



·        Appropriate funds and authorize the Agribusiness Development Corporation to purchase agricultural land in Kunia to be leased to farmers.

·        Establish linked investments invested by the state to provide loan funds for agriculture.

·        Create an Agricultural Protection Zone placed around tax map keys of real property on agriculture zoned land grossing at least $1,000,000 in revenue from the sale of agricultural produce, products, and services.


Small Business

·        Exempt from the workers' compensation law, owners of businesses holding at least 50% interest in their company.

·        Create a small business exporter refundable income tax credit.

·        Support small business loans.



·        Require the Department of Education to establish the Academy of Hawaii for gifted and talented students to develop the potential of students who have demonstrated superior achievement or possess the potential for superior achievement through the provision of appropriate educational opportunities.

·        Appropriate funds into the Hawaii 3Ts school technology laboratories fund for the economic development alliance of Hawaii to expand project EAST programs (technology education) to public schools.



·        Set up mass transit economic zones near mass transit stations on Oahu where tax credits are available for qualified businesses, including new construction of housing.

·        Establish a mass transit economic zone task force.

·        Provide an income tax deduction for an employer who reimburses the employer's employees for the cost of public transportation incurred by the employees for transportation to and from work.


Public Safety

·        Use global positioning system (GPS) devices on convicted first degree sexual assault offenders who are violent and repeat offenders.

·        Start a sexual violence prevention curriculum in public schools

·        Appropriate funds to help the Sex Abuse Treatment Center of Hawaii operate and expand its services and educational programs.

·        Establish laws relating to harassment and stalking on the Internet.

·        Create a criminal impersonation statute to protect people from physical harm.



·        Establish a pilot project in the Department of Transportation to develop and evaluate a program for the acquisition, placement, operation, and maintenance of video surveillance cameras for the purpose of deterring graffiti on state highway signs and of prosecuting offenders.


Peace and International Relations

·        Create one full-time international liaison position for the legislature and executive branch within the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism's Office of International Affairs.

·        Appropriate funds to the Department of Business and Economic Development and Tourism's Office of International Affairs for the purpose of planning and implementing peace missions to other nations.  The peace mission delegation may have representation from government, business, and community from Hawaii to provide goodwill, culture, and charitable donations so long as it does not violate any United States treaties or international policies.

·        Support Peace Day Hawaii events held every September 21st.

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Jodo Mission of Hawaii

I attended our monthly Jodo Mission of Hawaii board of directors meeting where I serve as Vice President.  It was our last meeting of the year.

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Painters’ Union

Yesterday, I brought my mom to the Painters’ Union’s Christmas party held during lunchtime at the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s Coral Ballroom.  The performance by Willie K. was really good.  I enjoyed seeing all the families enjoy themselves. 

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Hanging out with my friend and her psychiatric residents

Last night I enjoyed hanging out with my friend and her psychiatric residents she is chief resident over.  She is a great person and has a very good heart.

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