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My Baby Sister’s Birthday

We celebrated my baby sister Lara’s birthday last night at Alan Wong’s Honolulu in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 12, 2017. My mom, dad, and Lara’s husband attended. #birthday #alanwongs #alanwong #alanwongshonolulu #restaurant #finedining #honolulu #oahu #hawaii #family


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Your Love Locked Every Trigger And Opened My Pen

Amira . . . princess.
Your love locked every trigger
and opened my pen.
– Jon Riki Karamatsu, Haiku #59, 5/1/2017 –

(I was inspired to write this haiku poem while writing my 2nd novel based in Iraq during the U.S. occupation. I’m about 79% done with 63,250 words.)

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Our Meal For Tomorrow (僕らのごはんは明日で待ってる)

I went on my own to see the movie “Our Meal For Tomorrow” (僕らのごはんは明日で待ってる) based on the novel by Maiko Seo at the Hawaii International Film Festival on April 4, 2017 at Regal Dole Cannery Stadium 18 Theatre, Honolulu, Hawaii.  I saw my Uncle Glenn and Aunty Jo Ann Matsumoto at the movie too.  It was very good!


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Stories Within Stories

I jumped into my old gun metal truck and drove to my late night hang-out, a coffee shop on the top of the hill above my house, after one of those weeks that furiously flew by. I pulled into the parking lot, and right in front of the coffee shop was a prime parking space that was positioned almost directly in front of the main entrance. I pulled the brake and shut off the engine. While patting the dash of my truck, I sent my thoughts of gratitude to it, “Thank you for taking care of me.” I counted this moment as my tenth win for the day.

I pulled my brief case from behind my seat and exited my truck, locking it with my key. My  remote control had long been discarded in a drawer within my personal office. It’s just something I didn’t care to fix after all these years.

I entered the coffee shop and paused by the display glass filled with sandwiches and pastries so I could pull out my smart phone from my front pocket of my jeans and open the app for the coffee shop, which I used for my transactions since you could get rewarded a free drink after a certain amount of purchases.

“Hey Riki, how are you?” asked Kelly, a cute barista with a mixture of Asian and Caucasian ethnicity who I’ve gotten to know over my many visits. She was always so welcoming.

I walked up to her cash register. “Good to be back at the office.”

“What will you get tonight?” Just as I opened my mouth to speak, Kelly blurted, “Wait, let me guess.”

I chuckled. “Alright.”

She closed her eyes and then opened them with a wide smile. “Hot, medium, Green tea latte?”

“Yes. I swear you have a gift.”

“Well, it’s either that or your hot, medium, plain old green tea. So my odds are pretty good in guessing your drink. Tonight you look a bit stressed and that’s when you go for the sweet stuff.”

“You’re really observant. I have to finish drafting a couple contracts for a friend.”

“Got to get paid right?”

“I don’t know. I only get paid if my friend gets paid.”

A frown formed on Kelly’s perplexed facial expression.

“If the deal doesn’t go through, I get nothing for all the work I do.”


“It’s the nature of what I do.” If only she knew that I didn’t get paid even when I closed some deals with a couple of former business partners I had. I didn’t fight for anything that was owed to me, I just cut my losses and simply moved on.

I flashed my app on the screen of my smartphone in front of the scanner fronting the cash register. After a “beep” sound, I tapped a button and returned my phone back into my front pocket of my jeans.

“Well, I wish you the best on that deal. Have a productive session.”

“Will do. Thank you.”

I proceeded over to the counter where other customers waited to receive their orders. After a few minutes, my order was called by the barista who made my beverage, a young man named Todd with surfer blonde hair.

I strolled over to my favorite corner of the coffee shop where the counters rode along the windows, and lined up beside it were a number of high stools. I placed my briefcase on an unused stool next to me to my right. I pulled out my laptop from my briefcase and fired it up. I opened up a partial draft of one of the agreements I was working on for my friend. I stared at the words on the screen, which began to blur as I dozed off into another world. When my vision cleared up, I was no longer sitting on a stool in front of the window in my regular coffee shop. Instead, I was leaning back on a black leather couch in the more trendy coffee shop with dimmer lights that I’ve become so familiar with over my eight years of writing and reading this scene over and over.

Across the shop I saw Ken sitting at a small square table in front of Kaylee. He had already given her a chocolate cupcake in his attempt to liven up her spirits. He looked just as nervous as I had envisioned. I smiled and giggled quietly because I knew that he was changing the course of the future between the two of them. If only Ken and Kaylee could know how much a part of me has always been with them. Every bit of their pain has been mine, and every time they’ve experienced joy, I’ve felt it just the same. For it’s through their journey that I’m finding my way. If they can make others feel what I’ve felt, then I’m certain many others will find their way as well.

“Excuse me. Excuse me.”

I snapped back to reality and saw a young college-aged Asian girl standing next to me. “Is it okay if I plug my laptop into the outlet?” she asked and glanced under the counter. I followed her eyes and noticed the outlet just to the left of my leg.

“Oh yeah, sure. Go ahead.” I moved off my stool and stood to the side as she plugged in her laptop and returned to sit at a table behind me.

I got back onto my stool and returned to staring at my draft of the agreement on my computer. The minutes kept changing to higher numbers on my clock located near the upper right corner of my laptop, and still, I didn’t write anything new. “Screw this,” I murmured under my breath. I closed the document and opened up my query letter that was addressed to a boutique literary agency based in New York City. I took out my headset from my briefcase and played the songs from my playlist. I bobbed my head to a catchy song “Something Like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay as I proceeded to re-write my query letter.

– Super Short Fictional Story by Jon Riki Karamatsu on March 26, 2016 (This super short fictional story is connected to my first novel that I started in October 2006 and completed in January 2014) –

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My dad and mom’s dog Stretch on January 13, 2017. He’s lived 14 human years, and right now he’s coughing and having trouble breathing and walking due to his fight with cancer. Stretch is such a kind and loyal dog.

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Memorial Service for Spencer Ueda

Today, January 2, 2017 at 1 p.m., I attended the memorial service for my friend Spencer Ueda who I met back in 1992 when I was 17 years old. We worked at DFS Hawaii’s Flightline delivering goods to customers at the international flight gates. Spencer is one of those pure, innocent, and joyful people that radiates positive energy. He was always smiling and laughing. He laughed at all my weird comments and we joke about anything. I nicknamed Spencer Tora-san because his hair was thick and raised around his head like a tiger. I can’t remember the animal he chose to name me. I was told that he still had my campaign shirts when I was a politician, which I gave him, I believe when he visited me at the Hawaii State Capitol. Spencer went on to work at Japan Airlines and then Department of Transportation Harbors Division, which he held until his passing due to the vehicle accident. We kept in touch by email over the years after I left DFS Hawaii in 1996. Until we meet again, I will do my best to emulate your pure positive outlook on life.

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Locations I’ve Experienced



Arizona ✈


California ✈️

Colorado ✈️ 



Florida ✈️


Hawaii ✈️🏡

Idaho ✈

Illinois ✈️ 





Louisiana ✈️


Maryland ✈️

Massachusetts ✈️





Montana ✈


Nevada ✈️

New Hampshire

New Jersey 

New Mexico ✈

New York ✈️ 

North Carolina 

North Dakota 



Oregon ✈️

Pennsylvania ✈

Rhode Island 

South Carolina 

South Dakota 


Texas ✈️



Virginia ✈️

Washington ✈️🏡

Washington DC ✈️

West Virginia 



Asia ✈

Japan ✈

China ✈

South Korea ✈

Thailand ✈




Canada ✈️

Central America 

South America 

Middle East 


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