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Sleep is Important

Having enough sleep is important for our mental and physical health. It’s a challenge for me because I’m always thinking, even when I want to sleep. I can read and write for many hours, even until sunrise, which I’m trying to avoid. If I get 7 or more hours of sleep, I add a win to my daily wins journal. I had almost 9 hours of sleep last night, my 70th time sleeping 7 or more hours for 2018.

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My 55-gallon tank is once again filled with life

My 55-gallon tank is once again filled with life with 10 Neons Tetras and some plants that I bought from Petco today, September 9, 2017, after a few years of only Zen-like water flowing. Since I was a young child, I’ve been raising freshwater tropical fish. I rewarded myself these fish for a personal goal I achieved and my best efforts on another one. These pals of mine will come with me on the new paths I’m traveling on or alongside. They will help me to maintain inner peace.

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Exercise and Ocean Therapy Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Here’s a picture from my short 2.77 mile run along the coast of Ko’olina on 5/15/2017. After my run, I swam the length of Lagoon 4 six times. Exercise and being in and near the ocean is helpful in alleviating stress and anxiety. I’m grateful to live in Hawaii. 

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Positive Living Practice #1: Reducing Stress in a Positive Way

As I mentioned in my “Positive Living Practice and Stages Practice” post, I’m creating a Positive Living Practice series that highlights products and services that can help us with our health, wealth, and happiness so that we can live a happy and fulfilling life. By “health,” I mean good physical, mental, and spiritual health. For “wealth,” I define it as time, knowledge, and ideas. And “happiness” is the wonderful joy we get from gratitude, compassion, and love.

Today, I’m discussing a challenge that we all face within our lives – “Stress.” Have you ever received another person’s wrath because of that person’s weakness in not being able to handle his or her stress? Or worse, have you ever directed your anger at another person and blamed your bad behavior because of the stress your were going through?

How often we experience stress is within our control. I personally believe that 99% of all challenges we face are either minor or can be resolved. In regards to the 1% of challenges that we can’t control, we can become stronger by accepting it, learning from it, and moving on.

Studies have shown that stress can cause us emotional and physical problems. Further, if we manage it in the wrong way, we could hurt our relationships and reputation. Instead of handling stress in a destructive way that hurts ourselves and others, we can address it in a positive way that spreads waves of positive energy to others. In this post, I will share with you my strategies to reduce stress. I also include a poster on how to beat stress and boost happiness by Happify, a company that helps you to develop happiness skills through its online activities and articles. You can check out Happify at http://www.happify.com.

If we can reduce stress, we will be healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually; and be stronger in our practice of gratitude, compassion, and love. With good health and happiness, we can make the best use of our time, absorb more knowledge, and come up with more ideas.

The following are some of the things that I like to do to reduce stress:

  1. Exercise: Run indoors or outdoors and lift weights.
  2. Dream of what I want to achieve.
  3. Type my ideas.
  4. Write down and update my goals.
  5. Envision the outcome of my goals.
  6. Listen to music.
  7. Spend time with my family.
  8. Be around positive people.
  9. Have gratitude for all the good things I have in my life.
  10. Meditate.
  11. Self-Reflect.
  12. See the positive in every failure.
  13. Try to get a good sleep and take a nap when I need a boost.
  14. Listen to podcast shows that highlight positive and successful people.
  15. Write fictional stories.
  16. Read novels.
  17. Learn through reading or practice.
  18. Watch a television show or movie that inspires me.
  19. Sensory Therapy – Sight: Vision boards, posters, & light from candles.
  20. Sensory Therapy – Sound: Music and sounds of nature.
  21. Sensory Therapy – Aroma: Scented candles and oil diffusers.
  22. Sensory Therapy – Touch: Shower or bath, swimming in the ocean or a pool, or a massage.
  23. Network.
  24. Enjoy events.
  25. Appreciate the beauty of nature.

Here is a poster from Happify that shows us how to take on stress in a positive way.


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