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Running is a super practice!

Running is a super practice!

Running is a super practice I have control over. It helps my mind, body, and soul. The deep breathing alleviates my stress and anxiety. Sometimes, it’s meditative. Other times, I get ideas. I especially enjoy listening to upbeat music while running to keep me motivated. The sunlight revives me. The sky, clouds, trees, grass, and flowers relax me. Everything about running makes me feel good. I’m super grateful to be able to enjoy this activity so much.

This is a picture of me on 9/10/2021 when I completed my 100th Exercise for 2021: Ran 4.08 miles in Waikele (Ran 296.8 mi. total for 2021). At home, I executed my 52nd strength training for 2021 with 200 crunches and 200 push-ups.

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2: Positive Masters Show – Having a passion project that involves fitness is key to keeping you healthy.

2: Positive Masters Show – Having a passion project that involves fitness is key to keeping you healthy

This is a clip from Episode 2 of the Positive Masters Show – How Working on Your Passion Projects Can Increase Your Joy and Purpose!

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