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Work at your happy place. Focus on what you can control. Attack your small goals every day. Execute my positive life practices consistently.

Focus on what you can control. Work on your small goals daily and count your wins for a dopamine rush.

I enjoy working on my 2013 MacBook Pro and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. These two machines are my pals. I’m super grateful for them. They’re an extension of me.

Here’s my work set-up at Starbucks @starbucks @waikelestarbucks on the 4th of July, 2019. To control my anxiety, I keep attacking my writing, logistics, designing, and reading to execute on my many small goals every day. 💻 By the way, I love my @apple Macbook Pro and my Samsung @samsungmobile Galaxy S7 Edge, my pals.

When I stop working, that’s when my dark thoughts take over so I counter them with all my lifestyle practices until I can get myself to sleep: mindfulness, gratitude, exercise, good food & beverages, time with positive people, work at my happy place, breath techniques, write from my heart, read books to improve myself, listen to music, update my daily goals and wins in my calendar, meditate, get some sunlight, look at the sky, drink green tea, smell an uplifting or relaxing scent, pray to my loved ones who passed away, talk to my mom, talk to my friend, and much more. My friends, do your daily practices every day to keep your soul bright.

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Do you get high off of running and walking?

Running gives me the runner’s high with the #endorphins and #dopamine kicking in. 🏃‍♂️

Walking and absorbing the beauty of the sky, clouds, and sunset puts me in a powerful state of presence where I feel a #spiritual and #emotional connection with the beauty of my surroundings. ⛅

Here’s a picture of the sunset in Waikele, Hawaii on March 14, 2019.

Do you get high off of running and walking? 😀

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Growth Mindset

I’m a strong believer in having a positive mindset in order to be happier and more fulfilled in life.  In this post, I would like to point out the importance of us having a growth mindset, which is believing that our abilities and intelligence can be developed.  We can develop our knowledge and skills by reading and practicing everyday.  The more we work on our knowledge and skills, the better we get.  If we keep up this daily practice, over time, we may attain the knowledge and become very good at the skills we envisioned ourselves achieving.

I like to schedule in my Google calendar blocks of time to learning and building skills and I color code them according to the subject matter.  I count each 30-minute period of learning or practicing as a “win” in my Count My Wins program I created for myself.  This program gives me a natural high from the happy chemicals released when I finish each 30-minute self-development session. I’m a very curious person so I push myself even in areas I’m unfamiliar with.  I really want to become a better person mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Have fun in your self-development!  Crush it!

3 of my daily practices: growth mindset, mindfulness, and gratitude.

(I took a picture of these plants and trees in Waikele, Hawaii on March 12, 2019. They represent growth in our growth mindset practice. I’m always mindful of the beauty around me. I’m grateful to experience such simple pleasures.)

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Gratitude & Maximize Tools for Our Self-development!!!

I’m grateful for all those who create value for us, especially the tools we use in our self-development! I often post about my gratitude for my @apple Macbook Pro because it’s my biggest tool I use to learn and produce value for others. Here, @asics shoes, specifically the Asics Kayano running shoes plays a huge role in my health since this is my go to shoes for running, walking, and casual wear. I already wore them for the 2019 Great Aloha Run @greataloharun !They’re supportive, light, and very comfortable! I also love the design and colors, which plays a role in lifting my spirit! 🥇 👟

Get products that are not only practical but visually and spiritually uplifting! That way we’re productive and mentally lifted!!! 🥇

These are 2 of my daily practices: gratitude and maximize tools for our self-development!!! Attack your vision and dreams my friends!!! With Warmest Aloha,

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Sending Love to Those Who Compare, Complain, & Hate.

I ran my 11th Great Aloha Run, an 8.15 mile race from Aloha Tower to Aloha Stadium! It felt nice to get out in the sun & run, one of my practices to lower my anxiety, stress, & any low feelings.

I recently lost my aunty, a really sweet & kind person. I’m still in shock & grieving. Her passing has hit me really hard.

Today, I got blasted by a blogger for my efforts on an aviation business project I’ve been working on w/ my business partners since 2015. It really hurts. My business partners & I have been working tirelessly w/ no pay for about 3.5 years. I’ve never been so poor in my life. For those business people who told me they lost or almost lost their home because of their sacrifice to build a service or product, I totally understand. There have been times where I’ve cried by myself, wondering why I put myself through such struggle. Yet my business partners & I keep working despite the pain because we have so much passion in what we do & believe in the potential it will provide for the community. The critics should try putting themselves out there & risk their money & time on business, politics, & the arts. Maybe they would feel empathetic for those who put their heart & soul on a value for others to use or enjoy. I don’t understand how humans can be so cold as to try & damage others & even desire suffering onto others. I invite my critics to spend a week with me as I draft documents, meet w/ community leaders, write fiction & nonfiction, read books & laws, create branding content for a restaurant, volunteer for a nonprofit, meditate, do my gratitude prayers, play with my little nieces & 2nd cousins, go through anxiety on my business projects, & face the deaths of people I love. Maybe then, they will see me. I hope by the end of that week, they can feel that I care for them to find happiness within themselves. Creating & working with others is much more upbeat & positive than always comparing, complaining, & hating. Heck, there is nothing positive w/ comparing, complaining, & hating. I wish these people love & happiness.

#empathy #compassion #business #politics #arts #entrepreneurship #critics #haters #exercise #anxiety #stressrelief #love #happiness

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1st Exercise of 2019

I ran 4.19 miles on the 1st day of 2019! The sun was out, and the air was crisp and cool. I’m wore my 2017 @honolulumarathon shirt, @asics Kayano 23 shoes and socks, @underarmour shorts, and @armpocket case for my @samsungmobile Galaxy S7 Edge. I really enjoy using my @bose soundsport for exercise and everyday use. In 2018, I exercised 214 times. I plan to exercise at least 200 times in 2019 but with more intensity. Have fun with you 2019 exercise goals!

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Exercise is a Super Practice

I ran just under 3 miles in the crisp air. Exercise is one of the key practices to boost our physical, mental, and spiritual health. It’s a super habit, along with sleep and gratitude that makes us feel unstoppable with what we set ourselves out to do!

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