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Quick on actions. Patience on results.

Be quick on your actions. Have patience on your results.

Be quick on your actions. Have patience on your results.

Be quick on your actions. Whenever I have an idea, I start typing it down as soon as possible on my app for notes on my smart phone or laptop. Sometimes I write it down in my notebook. Next, I research and write my plan and strategy. If it looks doable, I execute my actions stated in my plan. I do my best to work on my small goals daily. Over time, these small goals compound, and so does my knowledge, skills, and relationships. If it’s a physical activity, I read up on it and then begin practicing it. If I enjoy the activity, I add it to my arsenal of physical exercises.

Have patience on your results. Many successful people say it takes 10 years or more to achieve our big goals. I don’t consider myself a successful person, but for all the things I’ve envisioned achieving, it took me about 6 to 7 years to accomplish them, whether it be a high-scoring soccer player in my teenage years, becoming a lawyer and politician, and reaching certain benchmarks for my business ventures. Of course, on my journey towards my goals, I’ve had numerous small failures and a few big ones. However, my failures gave me valuable lessons, skills, and some good relationships that adds to my ever-growing foundation. Currently, I’m reinventing myself and working on several business projects that has been very challenging, even uncomfortable at times. I’ll keep working hard to succeed, yet always be ready to adjust and evolve when things don’t go as planned. I’m doing all I can to be patient with my results.

If you’re impatient on your results, you’ll get frustrated with your failures and criticize your progress as being too slow. Further, your stress and anxiety will rise. Impatience on your results may cause you to give up on your dreams before you could fully know your potential. For me, it would kill me to not know the extent of my potential, win or lose.

I hope these practices can help you as much as it helps me. I wish you the best in all your endeavors!

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Biz Coach Claire is launching her business course on accounting, finance, and other business fundamentals!

My friend from high school, Claire has a business #training #course launching soon! She’s teaching key business fundamentals in #accounting and #finance that’s so important for every business operation. She’s also teaching practices for our mindset and productivity. Claire has an accounting business and has taught accounting at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

For #entrepreneurs, when we launch a #start-up that needs #funding , the business plan and #spreadsheets play a huge role to present the opportunities to #investors , partners, and/or #government entities for public private partnerships. Even when we #invest in publicly traded companies, our ability to analyze the health of each company is critical. Check Coach Biz Claire out!!!

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Building Toy

On October 5, 2017, I had a lunch meeting at Ja Gal Chi Restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii with my friend who has the rights to launch a toy in the United States that can build things. In this picture, I made a three-legged dog. There are also large pieces for children’s furniture and accessories. I’m doing business development work for her.

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I’m So Happy!

As my 5-year old niece Elyse says since she was 2 years old, “I’m so happy!” I’m so happy to finish drafting a 75-page business plan that was overhauled to include 48 more pages of data, strategy, and content; and 6 financial spreadsheets for a project my business partners and I are moving closer to launching after 1 year and 10 months of sweat equity work. Gratitude for the small wins.

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