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Play It Safe or Go For Your Vision?

[I wrote this article at www.positivemasters.com, an e-commerce website that provides lifestyle practices, writing, apparel, and accessories to boost your happiness and counter any stress, anxiety, and sadness you may be facing.]

Play it safe or go for your vision? With planning, research, and strategy, you can lessen your risks in pursuit of your dreams!

Choosing a career that’s relatively safe, although no job is truly safe, may bring peace for you. However, you may have that itch to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, but there’s a higher risk of failure and attacks from haters and critics. The question is, “Will you regret not giving a shot at your dreams?”

You’ve got one shot in your life, make the most of it! The fact that you’re born into this world and still alive reading this article, demonstrates how lucky you are. Scientists estimate that the chance of you existing are about 1 in 4 hundred trillion. That’s crazy odds! Not only are you lucky, you’re a one of a kind with your own personality and way of thinking. This makes you lucky and special!

When I was young, my parents made my two younger sisters and I try many sports and activities. From there, my sisters and I gravitated towards certain sports and community organizations that we enjoyed and had an interest in. My sisters and I continue to do this as adults, trying new things for our careers, community, and personal lives. We push ourselves into uncomfortable territory, but find pleasure in learning, developing skills, and building relationships. However, by exposing ourselves to risk, the greater potential of failure and criticism can be stressful. I’ve had my share of failures. I see failure as part of the process to learn, grow, and evolve. Everyone has a different stress tolerance so its good to assess your goals and strategize on how to execute them. By writing your thoughts and research down, you get a better feel of the system you’ll create for yourself, the daily work placed into your calendar that you’ll need to accomplish in order to get to your various stages of your vision. By doing this, you mitigate some of your risk.

Further, the risks you take to fulfill a dream you have is not going to kill you, unless, you’re planning to do something that risks your life. Yet, your animalistic fears still get triggered when you get anxious of the future such as whether your project will fail or whether you’ll be attacked and ridiculed by critics. You feel like a saber tooth tiger is pursuing you. Your mind can blow your fears out of proportion. Focus on what you can control and don’t let the uncontrollable things take you down. When you succeed, all the worries will be for nothing. If you do fail, you’ll learn, and then pivot to make your next moves, evolving as you proceed on. Either way, you still gain a lot a value: skills, knowledge, and relationships that will propel you forward!

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My hair represents time. It’s a physical and daily reminder that time is ticking. Once time passes, we can’t go back. We have to go all out on what we want now and love our loved ones now. The second reason I enjoy having short hair to long hair is to break away from any feelings of stagnation.

My #hair represents time. It’s a physical and daily reminder that #time is ticking. Once time passes, we can’t go back. We have to go all out on what we want now and #love our loved ones now. The longer my hair grows, the more #motivated I am to #work on my #goals and love my loved ones. ūüĎä
The second reason I enjoy having short hair to long hair is to break away from any feelings of #stagnation . So much of our life is based on our #mindset . I don’t want to be the same all the time. I don’t want to be doing the same thing over and over again. I want to constantly #evolve over time. I want to keep #expanding and #reinventing myself. So as my hair grows over 8 or more months, hopefully, so does my #knowledge , #skills , and #relationships .

Everything I do has a reason. There’s #practicality in growing your hair for #productivity besides saving money. I’ve enjoyed cutting my hair short and growing it out since my late teens. Try it! The Jon Riki Productivity Strategy! For me, it makes life #fun !! ūüėÉ

What are your productivity #strategies ? ūüíĽ ūüďĖ ‚úí

Attack all that you want my friends!!! ūüėä

With Warmest Aloha,

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My little blue Daruma for my learning goals!

Attached to my REI @rei Bookpacker Plus #backpack is a little blue Daruma I bought in Japan some years ago. A Daruma is a Japanese handmade doll. When you make a #goal , you color one eye. When you achieve your goal, you color in the other eye. Notice how the doll is round. If it gets knocked down, it’ll get back up. That’s how we should be with our #goals – #tenacious and #determined . I read that a blue Daruma is for our #learning goals. For me, learning is extremely important because we can create value for others by mixing our #ideas with the #knowledge we attain. If we can learn 1% or more everyday, we can surprise ourselves on how far we can go! I enjoy products like Daruma dolls to #motivate me to keep working towards my #vision !

Have fun in your learning process!

With Warmest Aloha,

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Thank you Hawaiian Electric for the Power Bank! I’m making super good use of it in my daily hustle on my projects while moving about using mass transit! Also,

Thank you so much to Hawaiian Electric @hawaiianelectric and Drive Electric Hawaii @driveelectrichi for the power bank, which I’ve been wanting for about 5 months!!! I’m super grateful!!! I’m making really good use of them in my daily grind on my #work !!! I got them at First Hawaiian Bank’s @fhbhawaii 2019 First Hawaiian International Auto Show at the Hawaii Convention Center @hawaiiconvention on Sunday March 31, 2019. Now, more than ever, since I don’t drive, and instead, catch the bus to all my meetings and events, I’ve been needing one of these to recharge my @samsungmobile Galaxy S7 Edge, which I use for business and personal use. A couple of times my smartphone ran out of power while in transit. My friend Brandon Mitsuda @brandon_mitsuda gave me his since he already has his own.

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Thank you so much to Hawaiian Electric for these power banks! I needed them badly as I do business while moving about in Honolulu’s awesome bus system!

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Keep Reading & Learning!

My niece and I at the library. Kids love reading and learning, and so do we. Keep going and crushing it!

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Succeed, Fail, and Come Back


Let’s succeed, fail, and come back. ¬†Anytime we take action on a goal, we expose ourselves to attack and even failure, but the rewards are tremendous in that we gain ideas, knowledge, skills, relationships, and heck, even success. ¬†I say succeed until you fail, and fail until you succeed because the comebacks are¬†some of the best¬†feelings ever!

Since I was a child, my parents have always encouraged me to try many things. “If you don’t try, you will never know” was the lesson I learned. ¬†So I participated in¬†many sports, school clubs, and community organizations. ¬†When I grew up, I went after my goals in law, politics, and business. ¬†I even made an effort in my love life. ¬†Did I win? ¬†Yes, many times, but I also had my share of losses. ¬†I’ll tell you a few¬†of my¬†experiences.

When I was attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1995, I broke up with my first girlfriend. ¬†I was so sad that my grade point average plummeted from a B average to a D average at which time¬†I was placed on probation. ¬†If I didn’t raise my grade point average, I would be kicked out of the university. ¬†I went to visit one of the university’s counselors. ¬†“What do you want to be?” she asked.

“I want to be a lawyer,” I answered.

She looked down at my grades on the transcript and then she looked back at me. “Do you like working with people?”


“Why don’t you become a social worker?”

I was quiet. I wonder what my expression may have looked like?

For the next couple of years, I attained mostly all “A”s for every semester except for a few “B”s here and there. ¬†I brought by grade point average back up to a B average and graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a B.A. in Political Science.

In 2001, I ended up¬†attending Gonzaga University School of Law and graduating with my J.D., passing the Hawaii State Bar Association’s examination, and today, I’m a lawyer.

In politics, I ran for a Hawaii State House seat in 2002 for a community I was unfamiliar with. ¬†I was told that I would likely lose because two of the so-called front-runner opponents were well-known and professionally established. ¬†I was only twenty-seven years old, just out of law school with very little experience, and no name recognition. ¬†Plus, the demographics were not in my favor, and another opponent was young like me with a similar background so we would cancel¬†each other out. ¬†However, I had typed out my strategy and platform for bettering Hawaii many years before while in college so I was mentally prepared. ¬†My front-runner opponents bragged about their experience while I focused on what I was going to achieve for our community and the State of Hawaii. ¬†To counter my opponents’ name recognition, I walked door-to-door around my district 3 times, which was about 20,000 visitation of homes until I burned holes in my pants from the constant rubbing of my bag filled with brochures. ¬†I won the House seat by a good margin.

Years later in 2010, I ran for the Lieutenant Governor’s race and loss, but the newly elected Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney Keith M. Kaneshiro recruited me to become a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and Legislative Liaison because he had watched me¬†in action¬†as the House Judiciary Chairman as I took on very controversial issues like same-sex marriage while he was an attorney with my Senate counterpart, his good friend who I had some disagreements with but I alway tried to be professional with him.

In 2015, I resigned from the Honolulu Prosecutor’s office because of a driving under the influence charge, which I have won the civil side of the case in 2016 because of false information and wrong-doings by the police, but still awaiting an appeal from the higher court on the criminal side of the case after a district court judge ruled that my testimony was not credible, which did not make sense because I didn’t testify in the trial. ¬†Despite it being a traffic crime, he sentenced me to prison with maximum fines and community service, much more than what I’ve seen when I¬†litigated criminal cases such as assault.

Instead of worrying about my legal woes, I dedicated 100% of my efforts into the private sector. ¬†I had ended my Internet retail business in 2012 after 10 years but I was still involved with a couple of business partners in an event production company since 2014. ¬†I then helped to build a night club, assisted an agricultural company in its goal to build a value-added agricultural processing plant, joined a team to build an aviation company, partnered with another group to build a consulting¬†company for foreign investors, and several¬†other projects. ¬†Meanwhile, in my role as a litigating and transactional attorney, I took on a few clients who were undergoing a business partnership split. ¬†In my 2 years since leaving government, I experienced a business partner who took all the money and left the rest of us with nothing, another who didn’t sign an agreement that would give me a tiny share of the company after I helped build it, and another who had child¬†custody¬†legal issues so the company was placed on hold. ¬†To some, these losses could be seen as a failure. ¬†I may have not made money from these ventures, however, I gained a lot of skills, built new relationships, and have come up with¬†ideas for when I make my return to these sectors.¬† There are many “wins” within such failures.

On the bright side, the aviation company and consulting company for foreign investors¬†are moving forward with business partners that make a great team, and I’m still working on my creative writing projects and taking on some legal work. ¬†With any start-up company, there is a risk of losing time and money, but there is also the opportunity to create new services and products that will generate more jobs and revenue for our community. ¬†It is for these reasons that I continue my journey in these arenas.

Both “success” and “failure” are just as important. ¬†Wins are fun, but if we always got what we wanted in life, we wouldn’t appreciate it as much, and life would become boring. ¬†For it is the experiences of the journey that makes us appreciate the wins. ¬†We gain¬†ideas, knowledge, skills, and relationships regardless if we succeed or fail, therefore, by the looks of it, we still win even when we lose.

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