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Want to be productive? Grow your hair long and/or closely watch children grow up.

Here’s two strategies I use for my productivity: (1) Grow your hair long and cut it when you finish some of your goals; and/or (2) Have your sibling or siblings or an immediate family member have children because you will watch very closely how fast they grow up, which will make you work harder to get things done.

We can grow our hair long anytime. I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager, even when I was a politician and government attorney. As for our loved ones having children, well, this is a bit more tricky. Have fun with this strategy!

Here are pictures of my 10-month old niece and I with our long bangs on October 20, 2018 in San Mateo, California.

Crush all your goals my friends!!!

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Growth Mindset

I’m a strong believer in having a positive mindset in order to be happier and more fulfilled in life.  In this post, I would like to point out the importance of us having a growth mindset, which is believing that our abilities and intelligence can be developed.  We can develop our knowledge and skills by reading and practicing everyday.  The more we work on our knowledge and skills, the better we get.  If we keep up this daily practice, over time, we may attain the knowledge and become very good at the skills we envisioned ourselves achieving.

I like to schedule in my Google calendar blocks of time to learning and building skills and I color code them according to the subject matter.  I count each 30-minute period of learning or practicing as a “win” in my Count My Wins program I created for myself.  This program gives me a natural high from the happy chemicals released when I finish each 30-minute self-development session. I’m a very curious person so I push myself even in areas I’m unfamiliar with.  I really want to become a better person mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Have fun in your self-development!  Crush it!

3 of my daily practices: growth mindset, mindfulness, and gratitude.

(I took a picture of these plants and trees in Waikele, Hawaii on March 12, 2019. They represent growth in our growth mindset practice. I’m always mindful of the beauty around me. I’m grateful to experience such simple pleasures.)

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From the Middle, Suffering Expands Our Gratitude Practice!

From the middle, suffering expands our gratitude practice by making us more present and aware of the light in a mass of darkness, which is all the good things we have in our lives. Here are my 10 examples of how suffering can expand our gratitude practice:

1. When a loved one dies, we’re grateful for the time we had with that person.
2. When our romantic relationship falls apart, we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to experience romance.
3. When we fail at a goal, we’re grateful for the lessons we learned from the failure.
4. When we face financial hardship, we’re grateful for every little thing we have that helps us get by.
5. When we provide value for others and get attacked by opposition or critics, we’re grateful for our ability to create value for others and evolve.
6. When facts in litigation aren’t believed where we face fines, jail, or unfavorable rulings for business, divorce or our personal life, we’re grateful that we had the opportunity to tell what happened.
7. When we can no longer drive a vehicle, we’re grateful for public transportation.
8. When our health declines, we’re grateful for still being alive and having what abilities we still have.
9. When we are wronged by people, we’re grateful for all the positive people in our lives.
10. When our life appears to be in turmoil, we’re grateful that we were born to even have a shot at life.

3 of my daily practices are shown here: the middle way, gratitude, and listening to music (Im wearing Bose Soundsport)!

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Dreams, Mentors, & Daily Practice

Since I was young, I would dream or have visions of what I wanted to achieve or experience. I observed people who were at a level I aspired to be. Then I would relentlessly work on my skills & knowledge everyday for hours. Over many years, usually at least 7 years, I would attain my dreams or at least a portion or variation of them. I would like to note that I had many failures too.

When I was about 9 years old, I was determined to become a better soccer player. I admired a skilled & speedy soccer player, Shane Uemoto who played as a wing forward on the Pearl City High School soccer team & had number 12 on his jersey. I loved the exciting way he played the game & how he was well-liked by his teammates. Shane was also a very good student, eventually becoming an accountant as an adult.

I would often practice soccer by myself for many hours in addition to the practices with my team. I would train by myself at parks or in my yard until dark & run up & down the hill of my street or at parks to build up my speed. I played with the ball in the house & watched soccer videos over & over on ball handling & strategy. I ran several miles from my house to Pearl City High School to get a peek at Shane & his teammates practicing. I remember riding a school bus on a field trip & I had a vision of Shane running alongside of the bus. Funny right! 😅 Anyways, after a number of years, I ended playing as a right forward on the Pearl City High School soccer team. I scored a whole bunch of goals & assisted others in scoring goals. I proudly wore the number 7 on my jersey & was so elated to live my dream!!!

As an adult, I continue to work hard daily on my dreams & observe amazing people in public service, business & the arts, areas I have a passion for. I’m just as relentless & obsessive as I was when I was a kid in love with soccer. I may not be wearing number 7 on a soccer jersey but it’s in my soul everyday.

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If you have problems and flaws, you have a story!!!

Dim the light of my laptop.
Darkness moves all over me.
I play a song.
The melodic sound pulls my soul.
I float to a place where only emotions flow.
The feelings of love overwhelms me.
Tingling sensations move throughout me.
I cry.
– Poem, Jon Riki Karamatsu, 2/22/19 –

I wrote this poem in about a minute in the early morning of 2/22/19. Poems are a way for us to write at a higher emotional realm. It’s therapeutic for me. When I was younger, I would go to events & gatherings that often involved alcohol. I would work super hard, nonstop & saw charity events, business mixers, & social gatherings as a break to look forward to, a reward for the hard work I’ve done. Socializing with positive people is good but the alcohol part led me to my DUI incidents, one I called the police on myself, the other I was placed in jail & charged with refusal when I asked questions that only a prosecuting attorney would ask, which I was at the time. There’s other ways to relieve stress, anxiety, & sadness. I spend a great majority of my time with my laptop, my partner. Together, we produce things for myself & others. I catch the bus & only go to events if it’s something I have to do for my business or client, or if it’s for someone I care about. Sometimes I get rides with my mom or my business partner.

To heal my suffering, I have to go within me. By working on creative writing, especially fiction, I can live other lives, experience different places, & fall in love. The words we put on paper evoke our five senses & feelings. Every journey, like our own lives, has its conflicts. Every protagonist has his or her flaws & vulnerability. Without conflicts & character flaws, there is no story. If we did write it, it would be boring. So if you have problems & flaws in your life, you have a story! You’re our protagonist, our hero who we are rooting for!!! Keep going my friends!!!

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1st Exercise of 2019

I ran 4.19 miles on the 1st day of 2019! The sun was out, and the air was crisp and cool. I’m wore my 2017 @honolulumarathon shirt, @asics Kayano 23 shoes and socks, @underarmour shorts, and @armpocket case for my @samsungmobile Galaxy S7 Edge. I really enjoy using my @bose soundsport for exercise and everyday use. In 2018, I exercised 214 times. I plan to exercise at least 200 times in 2019 but with more intensity. Have fun with you 2019 exercise goals!

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Step by Step

Step by step and we’ll get there. My 10-month old niece crawling up the stairs with me on 10/21/2018.

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