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Exercise for our Mind

Combined with gratitude, exercise is a powerful practice because it not only develops our body, but our mind. Mental health is key in maintaining a positive outlook, which tremendously supports our career and personal life.

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Death will come for all of us.

Death will come for all of us, so there’s no need for a majority of our bickering. On our last days alive, if we have that luxury, we won’t care about most of our disagreements and worries. We can focus on the water that’s in our cup and keep filling it up by taking action on what we can control. Peace in our mind, body, and soul through our daily practices such as but not limited to learning, execution on our passionate ideas, exercise, sharing positivity with others, mindfulness, and gratitude.

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Oatmeal as part of my Health Strategy

I used to be in the top 1% with my health examinations, but a year ago, my LDL or bad cholesterol went up into the high-risk zone. Stress from my high-risk endeavors and eating out with not the healthiest foods so I could keep working on my projects may have contributed to this. My HDL or good cholesterol has always been high, which helps, but I wanted to improve, so I’ve been eating oatmeal regularly, as well as brown rice, other grains, and vegetables to get the fiber I needed to take away the bad cholesterol. I also increased my exercise to help raise my HDL. This year, my doctor and I were happy I’m back in the healthy zone. Here I am on the morning of October 14, 2017, about to cook my oatmeal. May good health be with you! The longer we live, the more we can do!

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My 47 Practices for a Happy and Fulfilling Life

My 47 Practices for a Happy and Fulfilling Life

1. Sleep.
2. Exercise.
3. Eat a balanced diet.
4. Gratitude.
5. Mindfulness – Always be aware of all the wonderful things.
6. Non-attachment – Don’t let my emotions for people, things, and events affect me negatively.
7. The glass is half full, not half empty – Look at the positive things.
8. Compassion.
9. Empathy.
10. Forgive.
11. Self-Reflect.
12. Meditate – Zen (clear my mind).
13. Meditate/Pray – Send love to others.
14. Listen to Music.
15. Sensory Therapy – Hot or cold shower; Massage; lemon scented cologne; and vanilla and lavender scented candles
16. Outdoor Therapy – Ocean Therapy is my favorite.
17. Visualize my goals.
18. Vision Board – Pinterest, computer wallpaper, and/or on wall.
19. Schedule my daily goals for work and play.
20. Write and update my yearly goals.
21. Write and update my lifetime goals.
22. Count my wins daily.
23. Spend time with loved ones.
24. Be around positive people.
25. Make new friends.
26. Law of Attraction – Perform positive actions and I will attract positive things.
27. Follow my passion.
28. Visualize my ideas and how they could work.
29. Write down my ideas.
30. Share and give away my ideas.
31. Provide value for others.
32. Create services and products that solves problems.
33. Disrupt the market – Don’t just blend in with the market, but do things differently to make it better.
34. Do the work and learn everything I can about my business.
35. Learn for my personal enjoyment.
36. Better old skills and develop new skills – 10,000 Hours Rule (Practice)
37. Read fiction and nonfiction.
38. Watch documentaries and educational videos.
39. Watch inspirational movies.
40. Write fiction and nonfiction.
41. Learn from my mentors and virtual mentors.
42. Use the energy from negative experiences to motivate me to work on my goals.
43. Move forward on my goals every day. On challenging days, I ask myself, “What are one or two things I can do to make me feel good and accomplished for the day?” Then I execute.
44. Tell a story to get 1,000 true supporters.
45. Be authentic to get 1,000 true supporters.
46. Travel.
47. Reward my wins.

I update my practices as I move forward in my life, thus, I will post an updated list of my practices when I adjust it.  Have a great and peaceful life!


Jon Riki Karamatsu

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Celebrate Your Small Wins!

Keep at your goals everyday, and celebrate your small wins!

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Exercised for the 117th time in 2017!

Today, October 3, 2017, I exercised for the 117th time in 2017. Early this morning, I lifted weights at 24 Hour Fitness in Mililani, Hawaii, and then I ran a quick 2.5 miles in Waikele, Hawaii before my meeting. Yesterday, my doctor and I were very happy with my physical examination results! 

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My Drug, My Medicine – Exercise

Hana hou (one more time in Hawaiian language)! Woke up with my hair sticking up and put on my exercise clothes for motivation to produce more happy chemicals from my drugs – talking about exercise boys and girls. One of the best ways to get a natural high. Cut it up for inner peace!

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