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Death Does Not Stop, So We Will Never Stop

Death does not stop.

So we will never stop.

Do, we win.

Fail, we win.

Learn, we win.

Win, we win.

-Jon Riki Karamatsu, 8/18/2017-

(Besides practicing business law and entrepreneurship, I am working hard to expand myself and get out of my comfort zone by being vulnerable with my creative writing, fiction writing, nonfiction writing, poems, quotes, and photography, which has given me comfort and joy, and I hope it does for you too.)

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Dunkin Donuts Reward – Finished Legal & Business Analysis for a Land Deal

Yesterday, August 3, 2017, I treated myself to Dunkin Donuts as a reward after I finished drafting a 28-page legal and business analysis for a land deal my business partners and I are trying to execute for a start-up company we are building. I worked 3 days in a row at Starbucks in Waipio typing this document for 7 to 8 hours straight a day. Dunkin Donuts recently opened a store near Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii, making its return back to the State of Hawaii. I gave my mom 2.5 donuts today when she came by to drop off food she made.

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Together we can reach new heights!

Together we can reach new heights in providing value to our community and world! Mahalo for all you do! Have a great day!

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Celebrate the Small Wins!

Celebrate the small wins and the big wins. I’ve been analyzing government policies consisting of 679 pages and other related documents for an agreement I’m working on. I’m almost done typing my analysis document. For motivation, I had a chocolate dipped ice cream at McDonald’s in Pearl City, Hawaii with my friend Brandon Mitsuda on June 13, 2017.

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Opening day of the 2017 Hawaii Legislative Session.

Opening ceremonies of the 2017 Hawaii Legislative Session on January 18, 2017.

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Feels Right

An energizing song “Feels Right” by Jocelyn Alice (Galloway Remix). A good song to dance to and lift your spirits.


We don’t care if we do it right.
We don’t care what it looks like.
We’ve got love in the nightlife.
We’ve got love and it feels right.

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Love and Peace Between Christians and Muslims

Amazon (AMZN) has created a very heartwarming commercial that shows how multi-religions can live together harmoniously, especially between Christians and Muslims where there has been conflict between leaders and members of the two religions for hundreds of years. This positive message can be applied to unify all conflicting groups. We can all make a difference in making our world peaceful by spreading love and compassion to everyone we interact with.

The commercial features a priest and imam having a pleasant conversation over tea. As the the imam prepares to leave, both men remark at their sore knees, share a hug, and part ways. Afterward, they both take out their smartphones and buy the other knee braces through Amazon Prime.

The commercial ends with both the priest and the imam kneeling to pray while wearing the knee braces they received from the other via Amazon Prime.

I love this. So touching. Wonderful work Amazon!

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