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One Percent Improvement Everyday

Entrepreneur James Altucher @altucher , author of “Choose Yourself” and Podcast show host of the James Altucher Show, encourages us to improve ourselves by at least 1% everyday. Whether we are learning, producing content, and/or building relationships, our improvements will compound over time! Here, I’m at Starbucks @starbucks at Waikele Premium Outlets @waikelepo in Hawaii on this awesome Saturday, December 1, 2018!

Keep going my friends! Crush it!

With Warmest Aloha,

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23 Things I Learned About Writing, Strategy And Life From Tim Ferriss

Here’s a link to a great article by author Ryan Holiday on 23 helpful lessons learned from entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and investor Tim Ferris who has helped me virtually in my life and career.

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Happy Place and Peaceful Walk

Walked home at 11 P.M. on March 6, 2018 after Starbucks closed. There’s a peacefulness in walking alone while listening to an educational podcast after a day’s work at a place that helps me to attain a level of peace, happiness, and productivity.

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Jon Morrow has been paralyzed from the neck down since birth, but despite his challenges he has done amazing things in his life including creating multi-million dollar businesses.

Linked below is one of the most inspiring interviews I’ve listened to. Entrepreneur, author, and podcast show host James Altucher interviews Jon Morrow who has been paralyzed from the neck down since birth, but despite his challenges he has done amazing things in his life including creating multi-million dollar businesses.

I cried several times as I listened to this podcast interview late one evening earlier this week while I was laying in my bed in the dark, in my attempt to sleep. Jon Morrow is such an inspiration.

When he was a very little boy, he almost died a number of times because his disease caused him to get pneumonia, and because his lungs were so weak, his mother would push down hard on his chest to get the mucous out of his lungs so he could breathe and survive. However, by doing this, young Jon was in great pain because his ribs got fractured by his mothers’ pressure.

At [26:25] of the interview,  Jon stated: “When I got into kindergarten, another kid called me disabled, and I said, ‘What does that mean?’ And, he started laughing.” Jon’s teacher came over and said, “You don’t know what that means?” He didn’t. So he asked his mom. She thought about it and said, “It means you can’t do something as well as someone else. But it also goes the other way.” She said, “Everyone in the world can’t do something as well as someone else…” So everyone in a sense is disabled. Jon took inventory of his skills. Then he mastered them.

Later, Jon almost died from a multi-vehicle accident. He went through a lot of pain and surgeries. In another bad turn of events, Jon had been successfully raising multi-millions of dollars for his father’s development company but the company went down after the 2008 market crash and at that time, to make it worse, his mother lost her job. Despite these challenges, he went to Mexico where he could get better healthcare than the United States and spent long hours day after day in developing his online training and education companies in regards to finance, writing techniques, blogging, online web development, online marketing, etc. With great effort and perseverance, in combination with his prior years of work and blogging, Jon mixed his various skills and experiences to successfully launch his companies.

James Altucher Interview of Jon Morrow


Jon Morrow and James Altucher

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James Altucher


James Altucher, an entrepreneur, author, and podcast show host has helped me in my life and career since my friend Ryan Sanada told me to listen to his podcast in April 2015 after my life took a slight downfall.  Altucher’s advice: Generate 10 ideas a day if you can; Idea sex or mix various ideas together; Work with others who have skills and ideas that compliment yours; Take care of your health; and most importantly, “Choose Yourself” – pursue all areas of your passions and dreams.

What makes James Altucher so appealing is his openness to not just his success, but his failures.  He has mentioned how he made millions of dollars and then lost it all; going through divorce; and feeling depressed to a point where he wanted to die. Yet through it all, he comes back and make millions of dollars again, evolves with new business ideas, and networks with other amazing people.

Here’s a link to James Altucher’s website: www.jamesaltucher.com

Also, download his podcast show “The James Altucher Show” and another podcast show that he co-hosts with entrepreneur Stephen J. Dubner called “Question of the Day” where they answer questions and give advice.


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James Altucher Podcast Show – Interview of Steve Case.

James Altucher interviews Hawaii’s own Steve Case, billionaire, founder and former CEO and Chairman of AOL, and former CEO and Chairman of Time Warner AOL. Mr. Case now runs Revolution LLC, a venture capital firm based in Washington D.C. that invests in other businesses and Case Foundation, a philanthropic organization based in Washington D.C.

Mr. Case wrote a New York Times bestselling book, “The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future.”

In the interview by Altucher, Mr. Case stated the following:

  • 1st Wave: Building the Internet.
  • 2nd Wave: Building on top of the Internet – software, apps, etc.
  • 3rd Wave: Integrating the Internet across our lives – learning, health, food, etc.

From the latter part of the first wave or early part of the 2nd wave in August 2002, I started an Internet retail business selling Hawaii and island-theme products on a Yahoo Store platform. In December 2002, I created this website/journal/blog for my political career and at that time I was one one of the few politicians in the country doing a journal/blog so I was interviewed by Times Magazine for their article on this issue in their December 18, 2006 magazine. I ended my Internet retail company in January 2012 and this website/journal/blog has evolved from a political website to a lifestyle and business focused website in the past year. The 3rd wave in the Internet will be exciting as we all add more creativity to it. For me, I hope to provide content on my website and other websites that inspires you to strive for your dreams and most importantly, be happy.

Link to the James Altucher Show – Steve Case.





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