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The Internet exposes who we already are!

The Internet exposes who we already are! If we’re angry and judgmental, it shows. If we’re compassionate and empathic, others feel it. If we’re authentic and vulnerable, we become even more real to others. Don’t fear being broken. At some point in our lives, we all are. Let the perfect and judgmental people stick together in their own world. Together, in our authentic tribe, we rebuild and rise again! I’m honored that we can connect on the Internet from all over the world! I love you all! Keep crushing it!!! 😃👊❤

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Peace is my purpose.

Peace is my purpose.

I became a lawyer and politician with this goal in mind through the laws and programs I created or supported.

I enjoy business because #commerce can connect people when a great value is provided.

I love writing fiction because you can touch the souls of people by evoking their emotions through the struggles your characters go through. If you can make a reader have compassion and empathy for a character they would have disliked or even hated but for the story, then you’ve played a small role in bridging the division created by human judgment. Such stories can be adapted into audio and visual form such as audio books and movies to reach a greater audience.

Nonfiction writing can play a role in our self-development in not just our career but our personal development to attain inner peace. If all of us are at peace, the world will be at peace.

So what do you think about attaining world peace? If we break it down into bite size pieces and work on ourselves and help others every single day, it’s possible right!

May peace be with you! Sending you positive energy!

With Warmest Aloha,

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I’m pictured here working with a former business partner for branding and marketing on 2/13/2019.

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Make our suffering strengthen our purpose!

Make our #suffering strengthen our purpose! 👊

We can be selfish with our suffering or we can be #loving with it. If we are selfish with our suffering, we get frustrated and angry and then blame people, events, and things for the pain we feel. When we are loving with our suffering, we embrace its painful power and use its energy to #improve ourselves and execute on our #goals and #vision for a better life and world. Once we boost ourselves with positive energy, we are able to help others and our environment. In turn, these people will help others like a domino effect that will cause the environment and culture to shift. One practice will destroy you, the other will #empower you.

With Warmest Aloha,

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Dragons & Tigers

The world of imagination is where the magic lives. My niece and I create worlds where dragons and tigers make friends with different life forms and collect different powers to protect the universe from the darkness that exist among all beings and creatures. The lessons in our make-believe realms can play a huge role in our daily reality, even our life’s purpose. Here, we’re playing at a playground.

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Gratitude Prayer and Meditation.


I like to do a gratitude prayer to the universe in the morning, followed by a meditation. I start off by lighting a pair of candles on a display with stones and an oil diffuser. Then I start an app on my smartphone that plays soothing sounds of water and calming instrumental music.

In my gratitude prayer, I express my thanks for my loved ones, the ability to experience life, useful things I have, the beauty of nature, and much more. Throughout the day, I would continue to be thankful for many things.

I meditate by clearing my thoughts and breathing slowly. After some minutes in emptiness, I envision what I will accomplish for the day.

To practice this, all you need is ten minutes, but you can always go longer. It’s a good way to start your day with positivity and clarity. Sometimes I do a gratitude prayer and meditation at night or whenever I need to stabilize my soul after facing some challenges. There are studies that show how gratitude and meditation practices reduces stress and benefits your overall health. Have fun with your gratitude and meditation practice! Aloha!

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