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My Niece Elyse and I Striking Some Poses.

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Goodbye Stretch

Thank you for all of your warm thoughts and comments for Stretch. He passed away this morning at his home around 9 AM, 1/19/2017 after my dad had a chance to comfort him by talking to him and petting him. I last saw him alive late last night. I got to talk to him, let him, and rub my nose onto his nose. A couple of times, I placed my face next to his face and told him how much I loved him, and how much our family loved him. This is the last picture I took of Stretch as we kept him warm with the roof of his dog house. This morning, my dad and I carried him into the car, and with my mom, we took him to the veterinarian to be cremated. With heartfelt thanks, I send my love to you all.

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Stretchy Boy

Stretch or Stretchy Boy as we like to call him is slowly fading out. He’s more relaxed now compared to earlier so he’s spending his last moments at home. I’ve been sitting by him this afternoon and this evening. I don’t want him to go, but I know it is near. Through him, I appreciate life, and make an effort to be mindful of all the good things I have in my life, especially the simple pleasures of life like being around those you love. For Stretch, he was always so happy to see us, enjoyed walks, going to the beach, and his favorite foods. He reminds me of the importance of loving others in the purest form as he demonstrated it towards us. I love Stretch with all of my heart.

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Our family dog Stretch isn’t doing too well. Today may be his last day with us since my dad is planning to take him to the veterinarian. He’s been coughing out blood, threw up his food last night, hasn’t eaten today, and his breathing is getting worse. The cancer has taken its toll. The blood might be filling in his lungs. Through it all, he never complains. Stretch is 14 human years old so he is on the older side for a dog. It’s so hard to see him suffer. Stretch has such an unconditional love.

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Gratitude – My Favorites

Gratitude – My Favorites as of 10/6/2016

  1. Spending time with my mom, dad, sister Mia and brother-in-law Mike, niece Elyse and Sophie, sister Lara and her fiancee Ross, family dog Stretch, and all my relatives.
  2. The time I spent with my late grandparents Tadao and Ellen Sakai and Maurice Toshio and  Bessie Karamatsu.
  3. Loving love.
  4. Hanging out with my friends.
  5. Writing down my goals.
  6. Networking with positive and ambitious people.
  7. Drafting my plans and strategies for my goals.
  8. Writing fiction. I still need to get a novel published.
  9. Watching movies. I wish I could produce movies. Maybe someday.
  10. Building new companies by sharing ideas and skills with other entrepreneurs.
  11. Playing law and politics for creative business ventures.
  12. Listening to music and producing music events.
  13. Traveling to different places around the world.
  14. Tasting great food.
  15. Exercising, especially running outdoors while listening to EDM as I strategize on my goals.

I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Here’s a song that reflects how I feel in my heart: “Thankful” by Feki.

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I Love My Mom

When I was a baby, my mom would talk and read to me.

As a toddler, she made me do math and English workbooks by rewarding me with a penny for every page I accomplished.

As a kid, my mom drove me to soccer, baseball, Aikido, cub scouts, and many other activities until my dad could meet us after he finished work.

My mom and dad attended all my soccer games and watched me progress from an average player to one of the State’s highest scorers.

While I struggled to find out who I was during my teenage years, my mom helped me through it.

On the day I graduated from high school, my mom and dad that was there.

When I broke up with my first girlfriend and saw my college grade point average drop, my mom comforted me.

When I made my college comeback by raising my GPA and graduated from the University of Hawaii with a B.A. in Political Science my mom and dad was there.

My mom and dad flew to Washington State to see me graduate from Gonzaga University School of Law, and later that year they saw me sworn in as a lawyer under the Hawaii State Bar Association in the Hawaii State Senate.

A year later, my mom and dad witnessed me get sworn into the Hawaii State House of Representatives.

When I was in jail for DUI, my mom and dad was there to be bail me out.

When I got attacked by the media, political opponents, and haters, my mom and dad stood by me.

Every time I was feeling down from angry people, power hungry politicians, tyrant and tantrum-filled judges, and selfish business persons, my mom was there to listen.

With every plan and goal I came up with for my business and political endeavors, my mom always told me to give it a try.

Even now, my mom is alway there to cheer me on. Through her I’ve learned that when we strive for what we want, anything is possible, and that having empathy and compassion is the best way to live.

I dedicate this song “Be As You Are” by Mike Posner and remixed by Jordan XL to my mom and to all of you mothers out there.

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Aunty May Fumiko Akimoto

On Sunday July 24, 2016 at 2:00 p.m., I served as the MC for my Great Aunty May Fumiko Akimoto who is my mom’s baby sister’s mother-in-law. The service was held at Hosoi in Honolulu, Hawaii. My cousins Chelsea and Jill gave a nice remembrance speech, and it was touching to see the little ones, Tatum, Zoe, and Parker say their “Thank you” to the guests and “I love you” to their late great grandma, May Fumiko Akimoto. I will miss her.


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