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Technology has made it easier for us to produce and consume.

Technology has made it easier for us to produce and consume. When I started an Internet retail store selling Hawaiian themed products back in 2002, customers were increasingly becoming more comfortable on buying products online. Now, it’s a part of our lifestyle. It’s such an exciting time where we don’t need offices and brick and mortar stores. We can bypass the gatekeepers and provide value straight to the consumers. We can research and learn online. We can produce content and services on our computers. We can communicate with one another in many ways. It’s also a great time for artists and entrepreneurs to disrupt markets and be found. I just love this time period and it will keep getting better!

In this picture, I was working on my @apple Macbook Pro in the lounge of a hotel on March 6, 2019 before my lunch meeting with a law client in regards to business contracts and business documents. Isn’t this lounge and all the plants beautiful!

I’m so grateful for technology and all of my technology toys for work! They make the hustle fun!

My daily practice: mindfulness and gratitude!

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Fade Out or Keep Going?

Fade out or keep going? What are we chasing after in this competitive and sometimes cruel world? Money? Power? Fame? When you reach it, you get attacked by others and punished more severely. Is it worth it? I think most of us want to be happy and at peace. There’s something beautiful in fading out from the craziness of society to be with your own soul in a peaceful and quiet life. Maybe live a simple life near the ocean or up in the mountains. It sounds so nice to meditate, read, research, write, create art, produce content that helps others, build a service for others using technology, and only hang out with those who lift your spirit. I’m not saying to completely cut ourselves off from the world. We could still continue our hustle to create value for others from afar, only coming back to society for our loved ones and for our most passionate projects. Do you feel this sometimes? If this was possible would you try it?

This is a picture of the sunset in Waikele, Hawaii on 2/19/19.

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My R2D2 – JR5

My 2013 Macbook Pro is my best friend like R2D2 is to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. I accomplish work through my Macbook Pro everyday and it comes with me everywhere so I can work anywhere. All my ideas, plans, analysis, documents, and agreements is in it and backed up in 2 or 3 locations. I do all my business and legal work on it. I also do my banking and investments online so I can play the world’s markets through my computer. Through my Macbook Pro, I can learn new things by researching writings and data on the Internet, watching educational videos, and listening to stimulating audio talk shows or music. I need to come up with a name for my Macbook Pro. I think I’ll name it JR5 – JR because it’s my first and middle initials, and 5 because it’s the fifth computer I’ve owned. Like Luke Skywalker and R2d2, we’re doing our best to play our part in making our universe more peaceful, loving, and compassionate.

I dedicate the remixed version of “Star Wars – The Force Theme” by DJ AG located on the bottom of this article to you and your computer companion in your efforts to better our universe. May the force be with you.

Remixed “Star Wars – The Force Theme” by DJ AG.

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