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Quick on actions. Patience on results.

Be quick on your actions. Have patience on your results.

Be quick on your actions. Have patience on your results.

Be quick on your actions. Whenever I have an idea, I start typing it down as soon as possible on my app for notes on my smart phone or laptop. Sometimes I write it down in my notebook. Next, I research and write my plan and strategy. If it looks doable, I execute my actions stated in my plan. I do my best to work on my small goals daily. Over time, these small goals compound, and so does my knowledge, skills, and relationships. If it’s a physical activity, I read up on it and then begin practicing it. If I enjoy the activity, I add it to my arsenal of physical exercises.

Have patience on your results. Many successful people say it takes 10 years or more to achieve our big goals. I don’t consider myself a successful person, but for all the things I’ve envisioned achieving, it took me about 6 to 7 years to accomplish them, whether it be a high-scoring soccer player in my teenage years, becoming a lawyer and politician, and reaching certain benchmarks for my business ventures. Of course, on my journey towards my goals, I’ve had numerous small failures and a few big ones. However, my failures gave me valuable lessons, skills, and some good relationships that adds to my ever-growing foundation. Currently, I’m reinventing myself and working on several business projects that has been very challenging, even uncomfortable at times. I’ll keep working hard to succeed, yet always be ready to adjust and evolve when things don’t go as planned. I’m doing all I can to be patient with my results.

If you’re impatient on your results, you’ll get frustrated with your failures and criticize your progress as being too slow. Further, your stress and anxiety will rise. Impatience on your results may cause you to give up on your dreams before you could fully know your potential. For me, it would kill me to not know the extent of my potential, win or lose.

I hope these practices can help you as much as it helps me. I wish you the best in all your endeavors!

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Biz Coach Claire is launching her business course on accounting, finance, and other business fundamentals!

My friend from high school, Claire has a business #training #course launching soon! She’s teaching key business fundamentals in #accounting and #finance that’s so important for every business operation. She’s also teaching practices for our mindset and productivity. Claire has an accounting business and has taught accounting at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

For #entrepreneurs, when we launch a #start-up that needs #funding , the business plan and #spreadsheets play a huge role to present the opportunities to #investors , partners, and/or #government entities for public private partnerships. Even when we #invest in publicly traded companies, our ability to analyze the health of each company is critical. Check Coach Biz Claire out!!!

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Launching soon! 🚀 Our Mini Course into Business Basic launches May 1st. Sign up now and get 50% off your order use code: BCC
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Work with someone who will motivate you!

Our mindset is key to our daily hustle. When we have a setback, it’s challenging to maintain our optimism. Our workflow gets interrupted by our disappointment and anxiety. 💻

Having someone positive to work with can be a huge factor. Lately, I’ve been working with my friend Claire at Starbucks @starbucks who I became friends with while at Pearl City High School. She’s building an E-commerce business. We keep motivating each other to keep pushing forward every day. We place tough deadlines on ourselves in order to accelerate our progress. I’m so happy to have reconnected with Claire! I don’t feel as alone as before, working on projects that face a high level of risk .

Keep moving forward on your vision every day! If you can find a positive work friend who motivates you, even better! 😃

With Warmest Aloha,

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I enjoy Star wars. Pictured is Luke Skywalker.

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I’m super grateful for my REI Bookpacker Plus from my law school days!

I’m super grateful for my REI Bookpacker Plus @rei from my law school days! It’s so comfortable and sturdy for walking a few miles here and there and traveling in mass transit on land and in air. It has a lot of space and small compartments to hold things. In this day and age, we can produce content on the go with a laptop, smart phone, and a great backpack to carry everything.

Here, I finished working at Starbucks at Ala Moana Hotel @alamoanahotel on 4/11/2019.

Daily Practice: Mindfulness and Gratitude!

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Grateful for the public access room at the Hawaii State Capitol!

The public access room at the Hawaii State Capitol is my office when I’m there. Grateful for those who created this service for the public for as long as I can remember, dating back to when I was volunteering for my friend when he was a State Representative, the late U.S. Congressman K. Mark Takai while I was Vice President of the #studentgovernment at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

My daily #practices : #mindfulness and #gratitude

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I love this song “Beggars in the House of Plenty” by Generationals. The video has nice footage of a U.S. Senate committee hearing led by the late U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii. Hawaii and the United States isn’t the same without him. I miss my grandparents; the 100th Battalion & 442nd Regimental Combat Team of World War II that my great uncle Roy Okubo was a member of who fought against fascism overseas and racism in America; the members of the 1954 Democratic Revolution who changed the discriminatory laws in Hawaii; the late Hawaii State Senator, 442 veteran, attorney & my mentor Nadao “Najo” Yoshinaga; and all my friends of this great generation.

Tired of the vindictiveness of policymakers, judges and haters, and to stay away from alcohol since I’m a social drinker, I isolated myself from anything public for 3.5 years whether it be charities, politics, or social gatherings. I’m slowly becoming involved with public service again by supporting some of my positive friends who need to be in government to keep the negative people out of power who will feed into the hate and anger that is being taught to the younger generations. It’s hard to stay away from politics, my second love after soccer. It’s a love that will never die.

Like the song says, isolation is a two-way street. We all need it sometimes to look within ourselves, to find ways to better ourselves and the world. When we make our comeback we’ll crush anything before us with all the might of love, compassion, and empathy.

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Flashback to 2007 -Presiding the floor session of the Hawaii House of Representatives

Here’s a picture of me in 2007 when I was presiding over the floor session of the Hawaii State House of Representatives when I served as Vice Speaker of the Hawaii House under the leadership of my friend and mentor Hawaii House Speaker Calvin K.Y. Say. I served as a State Representative of Waikele, Royal Kunia, Village Park, and Waipahu from 2002 to 2010. This is the background picture for my Facebook page until I achieve a moment that is just as exciting or better. 😉

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