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Do the Work

Using my backpack instead of my briefcase more recently since I walk a lot. Here, I’m about to enter a meeting to present my latest content for a project. Quadrupling down on my offense as I wrote several thousand words a week and read even more on relevant material for 4 projects on the front burners that have converged.

Not as bad as when I was campaigning as a politician, walking door-to-door to over 66,000 homes, burning holes into my pants until you can see my underwear, and losing 10 to 20 lbs. every election year.

Focusing on what I can control and executing on my ideas. Sometimes it can be lonely. As many say, hustling is about doing, not just talking. If we want it, we have to do the work. So have fun doing your work my friends!!! I’m feeling you.

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Repairs to Infrastructure at Jodo Shu Hawaii

On Saturday February3, 2018, I, along with one of my board members of Jodo Shu Hawaii, met with our property manager to go over the construction repairs of our apartment building. Here is a picture of our temple and office building. Worked all day Friday, the day before, until the sun came up for a small concert I have a minority interest in. I posted some deep stuff on my blog and social media about nonattachment and Luke Skywalker just to get my mind off of work. Need some sleep and then back to the grind on my other projects that also need a lot of work to be done.

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