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12: Positive Masters – Study & Work with Me

12: Positive Masters – Study & Work with Me

Welcome to Positive Masters where we develop our mindset and passion projects. In this video, let’s study and work together for a 1-hour Pomodoro (study and work session) with the sound of calm lapping water in the background. 

In the intro, I talk about the value of writing a daily action plan. By writing down your plan and executing it, you can predict your future for the day ahead of you. Not everything you predict you can do will happen because you and all humans often believe you can achieve more than is possible. You will see this happening very often in your productivity system. Therefore, when you ask others to do work, have empathy and understanding on the work you request to get done. Often times, the time you want to get your work done is not realistic.  

Growth mindset people and generalists are people who do their best to learn all they can in their business and craft, so when they ask others to do the work, they understand the amount of time and effort it takes because they’ve done the work before.  

In contrast, barkers, people who just bark orders and other individuals who don’t do the work, have no clue on the time and effort it takes to finish work they request. Such people must understand the level of time and effort needed for the work to get done through those doing the work. 

In this video, I didn’t mention the unique visual I have for applying my daily action plan for my audacious projects, but I thought I mention it here: In order to get across the dark, scary unknown of your vision of your future self, you have to connect the dots to get across it. Each dot will appear when you come up with the next small logical action to connect an existing dot with the new one. Sometimes the dots will connect. Other times, they won’t. At times, you’ll have to come up with another idea, which is your next new dot. Maybe this time you’ll connect the dots. In other scenarios, you’ll have to connect dots backwards and sidewards before you can connect dots that move you forward. This takes patience and persistence. There are no short cuts. Great achievements are possible only with a patient and resilient mindset. 

Have fun in our study and work session! Let’s keep rocking it my friends! 

I’m a lawyer, small business person, and retired politician from Hawaii. My passion projects are writing fiction and creating content about mindset and mental health. Enjoy Positive Masters’ blog, podcast, videos, and products here at https://positivemasters.com to strengthen your mindset and build your passion projects to boost your happiness and counter any anxiety, sadness, or anger you may be experiencing. Wishing you the best! 

With Warmest Aloha, Jon Riki Karamatsu 

0:00 Intro

5:24 1-Hour Pomodoro (Study and Work Session)

1:05:28 Outro and Information About Positive Masters

12: Positive Masters - Study & Work with Me
12: Positive Masters – Study & Work with Me

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My second office in my living room.

My second office in my living room where I'm able to do business law, business development, e-commerce, research, writing, branding, marketing, and graphic design for my businesses or for my clients.

My second office in my living room where I’m able to do business law, business development, e-commerce, research, writing, branding, marketing, and graphic design for my businesses or for my clients.


I have two work stations at my home, one in my office and one in my living room. With technology, basically my laptop and smart phone, I’m able to do business law, business development, e-commerce, research, writing, branding, marketing, and graphic design for my businesses or for my clients. It’s been tough, like it’s been for you. I’m focusing on the things I can control such as some new products and services for my brand +positive masters+ at www.positivemasters.com. I’m super excited! 😉

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Play It Safe or Go For Your Vision?

[I wrote this article at www.positivemasters.com, an e-commerce website that provides lifestyle practices, writing, apparel, and accessories to boost your happiness and counter any stress, anxiety, and sadness you may be facing.]

Play it safe or go for your vision? With planning, research, and strategy, you can lessen your risks in pursuit of your dreams!

Choosing a career that’s relatively safe, although no job is truly safe, may bring peace for you. However, you may have that itch to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, but there’s a higher risk of failure and attacks from haters and critics. The question is, “Will you regret not giving a shot at your dreams?”

You’ve got one shot in your life, make the most of it! The fact that you’re born into this world and still alive reading this article, demonstrates how lucky you are. Scientists estimate that the chance of you existing are about 1 in 4 hundred trillion. That’s crazy odds! Not only are you lucky, you’re a one of a kind with your own personality and way of thinking. This makes you lucky and special!

When I was young, my parents made my two younger sisters and I try many sports and activities. From there, my sisters and I gravitated towards certain sports and community organizations that we enjoyed and had an interest in. My sisters and I continue to do this as adults, trying new things for our careers, community, and personal lives. We push ourselves into uncomfortable territory, but find pleasure in learning, developing skills, and building relationships. However, by exposing ourselves to risk, the greater potential of failure and criticism can be stressful. I’ve had my share of failures. I see failure as part of the process to learn, grow, and evolve. Everyone has a different stress tolerance so its good to assess your goals and strategize on how to execute them. By writing your thoughts and research down, you get a better feel of the system you’ll create for yourself, the daily work placed into your calendar that you’ll need to accomplish in order to get to your various stages of your vision. By doing this, you mitigate some of your risk.

Further, the risks you take to fulfill a dream you have is not going to kill you, unless, you’re planning to do something that risks your life. Yet, your animalistic fears still get triggered when you get anxious of the future such as whether your project will fail or whether you’ll be attacked and ridiculed by critics. You feel like a saber tooth tiger is pursuing you. Your mind can blow your fears out of proportion. Focus on what you can control and don’t let the uncontrollable things take you down. When you succeed, all the worries will be for nothing. If you do fail, you’ll learn, and then pivot to make your next moves, evolving as you proceed on. Either way, you still gain a lot a value: skills, knowledge, and relationships that will propel you forward!

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I can pull long hours working at my happy office, a coffee shop.

I can pull long hours working at my happy office, a coffee shop. Here, I’m working at Starbucks @starbucks @waikelestarbucks at Waikele Premium Outlets with my friends. I have my Apple @apple Macbook Pro, Samsung @samsungmobile Galaxy S7, and Bose @bose Quiet Comfort 25, my weapons to produce content and IP.

Do you have places to work that lift your spirit where you can maximize your productivity?

Keep crushing it my friends!!!

With Warmest Aloha,

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Working at Starbucks coffee shop at Waikele Premium Outlet, Waikele, Hawaii.

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Fade Out or Keep Going?

Fade out or keep going? What are we chasing after in this competitive and sometimes cruel world? Money? Power? Fame? When you reach it, you get attacked by others and punished more severely. Is it worth it? I think most of us want to be happy and at peace. There’s something beautiful in fading out from the craziness of society to be with your own soul in a peaceful and quiet life. Maybe live a simple life near the ocean or up in the mountains. It sounds so nice to meditate, read, research, write, create art, produce content that helps others, build a service for others using technology, and only hang out with those who lift your spirit. I’m not saying to completely cut ourselves off from the world. We could still continue our hustle to create value for others from afar, only coming back to society for our loved ones and for our most passionate projects. Do you feel this sometimes? If this was possible would you try it?

This is a picture of the sunset in Waikele, Hawaii on 2/19/19.

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Music Plays A Huge Role In My Life!

Music plays a huge role in my life. I listen to songs with happy hooks and beats, especially electronic dance music to keep my myself happy and positive and when exercising. Classical and relaxing instrumental music is what I listen to when writing legal documents and researching laws. I like fun music when researching and writing business documents and nonfiction projects. When I write my novels and poems, I enjoy romantic and sad songs so I can bring out the emotions in the characters and dramatic scenes, then I switch to uplifting songs for the happy scenes. Here, I’m wearing my wireless Beats headset from my friend Ryan Sanada in my office with the plumeria flowers in the background. There’s also coconut trees behind the plumeria tree, all very relaxing to look at while I work!

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Happy Office at Starbucks

Getting pulled in different directions at the same time. How do I resolve this? By working day and night at my happy office, Starbucks. In my days as a politician or litigation attorney, I would have difficulty doing this. But working in business development and law, in-between my meetings, much of my work is reading, analyzing, and drafting content and transactions, thus, my mighty MacBook Pro computer can keep me mobile, productive, and connected. Why are coffee shops my happy office? (1) Positive energy from people working, studying, reading, or meeting; (2) I’m fixed to a table to work and just using the restroom takes effort, so I keep working as much as possible with fewer breaks; and (3) Beverages and food are available so I can remain working.

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Fun Workplace, Drink, and Project.

Fun workplace, drink, and project at Starbucks in Waipio, Hawaii on May 21, 2017. Pictured is my Macbook Pro, Tiger Sahara water thermos, and Starbucks Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino. 

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