Whiteboard Calendars

I’m really enjoying writing on my whiteboards to track my personal and  career goals. My friend Claire Niibu Akau gave me them while I was helping her move out of her house in Waikele, Hawaii.

The large calendar is tracking my exercise for the month of August 2022. The small weekly calendar is tracking my personal and business goals and events for each week.

Whiteboard calendars to track my personal and career goals and events.

My white board goal and events tracking system compliments my digital goals and events tracking and journal system using Google Calendar, Notion (journal), and Discord (accountability partner system).

It takes effort and time for these productivity systems; however, they keep me aware of my progress and show me what’s working and what’s not, so I can change things up for the better.

I’m a business lawyer, realtor, entrepreneur, and retired elected official.

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