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Barkers vs. Doers

Everywhere you work, you will see barkers and doers who rise to the top whether in companies, government, nonprofits, and start-ups.

Barkers are people who bark. They tell people what to do, judge, and take the credit, equity, and power. Often times, they are alphas or wannabe alphas. They can rise by organizing, speaking, and strategizing. They fill their void with people with knowledge, skills, and experience to get what they want.

Doers will do the work. They lead by example. If there is a problem, they will give it their all to figure it out. Doers can also be alphas, but their barking is mainly spoken through their actions. Many doers are also Sigmas, emotionally intelligent people who attract others with their caring personality. People follow them because they want to rather than have to.

I had a long talk with my close, longtime friend last night while on my run. I have a handful of high risk projects on my plate. All of my work for these projects take deep thinking, reasoning, and creativity. According to scientists and productivity experts, 4 hours is the amount of time most people can do such deep work uninterrupted in a day. After that fatigue makes it challenging to do deep work. It also reduces your quality of work. Therefore, time is extremely valuable.

My brand and creative writing has been pushed to the back lately in place of my other projects. I’m using a productivity app called Forest @forest_app that helps identify how many hours I am allocating to each project. I seriously need to dedicate more of my hours toward my brand and creative writing. I will use my Forest app to reach this goal.

Keep crushing it my friends! ❤

109th Exercise for 2021: Ran 4.15 miles & did 57th strength training – 200 crunches & 200 push-ups (Ran 329.64 mi. total for 2021).

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Practices: (1) Focus on what I can control; (2) Work on one thing at a time to maximize my productivity; and (3) Be present and put aside my fear of what may or may not happen tomorrow.

My anxiety level is up today so seeing this post by @riskhappy is motivating me to snap out of my terrible feeling. I’m going to focus and work on what I can control. First, my appointments and work I have to finish dealing with my immediate deadline, followed by another deadline, and then another, and then paying a big bill. The first is extremely important because if I succeed in executing it, I can complete what I need to do for the other three areas in the short-run and long-run.

Practices: (1) Focus on what I can control; (2) Work on one thing at a time to maximize my productivity; and (3) Be present and put aside my fear of what may or may not happen tomorrow.

What are your strategies to alleviate anxiety and stress? I hope you’re doing well! ❤

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“10 years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.” – Mandy Hale #riskhappy

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Missing My Aunty JoAnn Matsumoto

With the passing of my aunty JoAnn Matsumoto on February 1, 2019 due to pneumonia, I’ve fallen deeper into sadness. I feel an emptiness in my soul. Everyday I practice gratitude, mindfulness, meditation, creative writing, and my many other positive practices to keep moving forward. Nothing seems to matter to me except for those I love and my fiction and nonfiction writing for my far-reaching entertainment company. Everything in the stories I create embodies what my aunty JoAnn was: loving, caring, compassionate, emphatic, and positive. All my worse problems are small in comparison to losing my aunty. I would go to prison for my driving under the influence charge and lose more money with start-ups to have her back.

Yesterday, March 7, 2019, I attended the funeral services for my aunty JoAnn. She’s my mom’s cousin. She was like a sister for my mom Laraine and her sisters aunty Jamie and aunty Maydeen and brother Wilson because she stayed with them and their parents when she moved to Oahu for college from Hawaii island and spent so much time with them up to her recent passing.

My friends, cherish every moment with your loved ones. Them being with us makes our problems small. We can always make our comeback but we can’t get our loved ones back in physical form once they’re gone. We can always find ways to make money but that stuff doesn’t impact us the way good people do. I love you all. May peace be with you.

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