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Anything is possible when you have dragons!!!

Anything is possible when you have dragons!!! Let’s keep attacking our goals like a dragon on fire!!! Oh, and a nice lover to share the experiences with, would be a bonus. ūüėć

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“The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” by Al Ries & Jack Trout

I finished reading “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” by Al Ries & Jack Trout late this morning of November 18, 2017 at Starbucks in Pearl City, Hawaii. I learned about this book through Tim Ferriss who is an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and investor. Super good! Very applicable! My mind is churning up stuff that I’m putting into words with my MacBook Pro.

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Reading & Writing

I enjoy reading and writing for my projects, self-development, and pleasure. Reading an interesting book in bed is a nice way to end a day. 

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Death has always loved Life.

Death has always loved Life like a boy who knows he can never be with the girl he loves. Rather than being jealous of us for having Life, he wants us to appreciate her.

-Jon Riki Karamatsu, June 30, 2016-

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Death seeks us because it wants us to appreciate Life.

Death will always seek us. It wants us to acknowledge its presence, and even befriend it. Why? Because it wants us to be aware of our mortality to motivate us to appreciate what we have and what we can do now. So when the time comes, though hard as it may be to leave our loved ones, we can embrace death upon our last breath because we had embraced life.

-Jon Riki Karamatsu, June 30, 2016-

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Keep failing until we succeed, and keep succeeding until we fail.

For many of us, dreams and goals make life exciting. ¬†I enjoy coming up with ideas, expanding my skill-sets, and building relationships. ¬†However, sometimes in the midst of our hustle to do well in our lives, we forget the importance of having gratitude for what we have now and accomplished thus far. ¬†We get too fixated on what we want and get frustrated when all our efforts are not taking us there. ¬†We all love success, but with every dream and goal we pursue, there will be challenges¬†and even failure. ¬†Some statistics say 8 out of 10 businesses started will fail. ¬†Many have pursued the path¬†to become a U.S. Senator or President of the United States and have fallen short. ¬†Others have attempted to reach the highest levels in their field of work but have failed to attain that level. ¬†Failure is only failure if we don’t appreciate what we currently have and what we have gained. ¬†Shoot to be number one in the world, but number 50¬†is still pretty darn good. ¬†We can make peace with our¬†mind knowing that we did¬†our best, and won’t have the pain of wondering “What if I had given my idea a shot?” ¬†Through failure, we gain knowledge in areas¬†we may have not been familiar with; build new relationships; and even come up with more ideas to pursue. ¬†With failure, we change and evolve, often leading us to worlds we’ve never experienced. ¬†When we embrace failure as part of success, we¬†can keep moving higher to a level where we can keep failing¬†until we succeed, and keep succeeding until we fail.

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James Altucher Podcast Show – Interview of Steve Case.

James Altucher interviews Hawaii’s own Steve Case, billionaire, founder and former CEO and Chairman of AOL, and former CEO and Chairman of Time Warner AOL. Mr. Case now runs Revolution LLC, a venture capital firm¬†based in Washington D.C. that invests in other businesses and Case Foundation, a philanthropic organization based in Washington D.C.

Mr. Case wrote a¬†New York Times bestselling book, “The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur‚Äôs Vision of the Future.”

In the interview by Altucher, Mr. Case stated the following:

  • 1st Wave: Building the Internet.
  • 2nd Wave: Building on top of the Internet – software, apps, etc.
  • 3rd Wave: Integrating the Internet across our lives – learning, health, food, etc.

From the latter part of the first wave or early part of the 2nd wave in August 2002, I started an Internet retail business selling Hawaii and island-theme products on a Yahoo Store platform. In December 2002, I created this website/journal/blog for my political career and at that time I was one one of the few politicians in the country doing a journal/blog so I was interviewed by Times Magazine for their article on this issue in their December 18, 2006 magazine. I ended my Internet retail company in January 2012 and this website/journal/blog has evolved from a political website to a lifestyle and business focused website in the past year. The 3rd wave in the Internet will be exciting as we all add more creativity to it. For me, I hope to provide content on my website and other websites that inspires you to strive for your dreams and most importantly, be happy.

Link to the James Altucher Show РSteve Case.





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