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It’s better to have loved than to never have loved at all

It’s better to have loved than to never have loved at all. Not my quote, but a very powerful and widely used one. Or perhaps, like my first novel, maybe we will find our true love in the realms of the dead? 

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Your Love Locked Every Trigger And Opened My Pen

Amira . . . princess.
Your love locked every trigger
and opened my pen.
– Jon Riki Karamatsu, Haiku #59, 5/1/2017 –

(I was inspired to write this haiku poem while writing my 2nd novel based in Iraq during the U.S. occupation. I’m about 79% done with 63,250 words.)

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Walk with me, I want to show you my world.

“Walk with me. I want to show you my world.”  We left the Japanese garden filled with pink cherry blossom trees that lined along the beautiful clear stream. The green grass carpet that was similar to the type at luxurious golf courses, turned into dirt, rocks, and weeds. I led Kaylee into the forest as the sun began to set behind the tall tree-line. It became darker as we proceeded further into the forest, but golden rays from the sun seeped through the many branches high above. These spotlights guided us along the trail.

I grabbed Kaylee’s hand and pulled her with me off of the walking path. We cut through ferns and brush. I made sure I took the brunt of the leaves and stems that rubbed against us. Once we got out of the wild growth of the forest we reached a large circular patch of wild grass with small yellow flowers scattered throughout it. In the center was a green mound, like a miniature mountain. I smiled at her. “We’re here.”

Her eyes fixated on the grass hill. She turned to me with a grin. “How did you find this place?”

“I needed to escape. They show us what they want us to see. But oftentimes there’s beauty hidden. Sort of like what society expects from us. So I walked out of the beautiful man-made park and found this. I meditate on top of that grassy hill regularly.”

Kaylee kicked off her sandals. “Let’s go!” she blurted. She ran ahead towards the mound. I chased after her, but had to stop when my wallet flew out of my front pocket. I picked it up, placed it back in my pocket, and continued running after her. Her light white dress flew up with the breeze as she skimmed through the many yellow flowers. I got close to catching up to her but she beat me by a couple seconds as we hopped onto the top of the little mountain. We breathed in and out heavily from our sprint. I bent over with a hand on each knee. From the side of my body I felt an impact, and ended up falling onto my back with Kaylee on top of me. I took a couple of breaths that I had lost from the fall. “Why do you always do this to me?”

She laughed, “I like to knock you down and be on top. It’s a new era. It’s time for us girls to run the world.”

I chuckled. “Yes. You girls are intimidating. That’s why I was scared to meet you.”

“You were?”


“Well I’m glad you got the courage to approach me.”

“Me too.” I felt a few small drops of water land on my arms. I looked at the sky, which looked pinkish with the remaining light of the sun glowing onto the puffy white clouds that formed above us. “I think it’s going to rain. Do you want to go under the trees?”

She shook her head in disagreement. “Let’s stay here.” More clouds moved above us and they unleashed their reserves on us with many huge drops of rain. Our clothes became so drenched that they wrapped the form of our bodies. Still on top of me, Kaylee’s wet dangling hair dripped water onto my face. She gently pushed my bangs that covered my eyes to the side, and slowly lowered her face towards mine until our lips met.




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President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama

Yesterday President Barack Obama made his farewell address. I’m very proud to see history being made in that President Obama is the first African American U.S. President, and also the first U.S. President from Hawaii.

My favorite moment from President Obama’s farewell speech was when he thanked Michelle for being his best friend and wiped away a tear from his eye.  I admire the love between the two of them.  Having a loving, smart, and compassionate partner like Michelle is what many men yearn for, including me.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of Barack and Michelle, clearly showing how much they love each other.

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I Would Do Anything For Love

Such a moving song and nice video.  “I Would Do anything For Love” written by Jim Steinman and sang by Meatloaf with Lorraine Crosby.  Michael Bay directed the music video.

Romantic lyrics:

Will you make me some magic with your own two hands?
Can you build an emerald city with these grains of sand?
Can you give me something I can take home?
I can do that!

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Ka Pilina – Our Love and Intimacy

This song “Ka Pilina” churns my heart. It’s a romantic Hawaiian song about a woman attended by native Hawaiian birds that are singing beautifully. The song is accentuated when danced by hula dancer(s).

When I hear this song, my imagination is as follows:

I move through the forest and hear the elepaio chirping. As midnight approaches, the ‘apapane sings with his beautiful voice. At dawn, I listen to the song of the ‘i’iwi polena. Now approaches the woman attended by the birds. Our eyes meet and we smile. Our love and intimacy.

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