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When it’s real, you just feel.

I repurposed the following poem I wrote for +positive masters+.

When it's real, you just feel. A romantic poem.

“When it’s real, you just feel.” A romantic poem. Enjoy!

When it’s real, you just feel.

It’s neither here nor there.

It’s everywhere.

Close your eyes and you’ll see.

I’ll focus on you. You focus on me.

Feel the energy as the two of us becomes “we.”

– +positive masters+, Jon Riki Karamatsu, Poem, 4/6/2019 –

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It’s too late. Where I’m going, you have to die.

I wrote this poem for Positive Masters at http://www.positivemasters.com & @positivemasters ✒

Repost @positivemasters
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I met a girl at a coffee shop.

We fell in love. Then we fought.

She thought I lied about being alive.

I cried, “Let’s still try. We can still thrive.”

She replied, “It’s too late. Where I’m going, you have to die.”

– Positive Masters, Jon Riki Karamatsu, Poem, 10/4/2019 –

I based this poem on my unpublished first novel, a paranormal, suspense and romance story that I worked on from October 2006 to January 2014. 📖

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