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“The Power of Now” video by Aileen of Lavendaire

Here’s a great video “The Power of Now” about living in the present by Aileen of Lavendaire, a young entrepreneur promoting self-development practices on Youtube, her blog, and social media. I love the value she is providing for everyone.

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When we consistently work at our goals, our highest potential is revealed, and often times, we will attain things we’ve dreamt about. – Jon Riki Karamatsu, 9/20/2017 –

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How Many Stars Will I Kill Tonight?

How many stars will I kill tonight?

Thousands if I let my dark voices in with no fight.

Quel my fears with a lasso I can hold.

Yank them to the side, and focus on the things I can control.

Cherish everything that brings me joy.

Sure tomorrow can be great,

but right now is what I must appreciate.

– Jon Riki Karamatsu, August 6, 2017 –

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Steven Spielberg’s Rules For Success

Steven Spielberg’s rules for success put together by entrepreneur Evan Carmichael. This is just what I need for motivation before I head out to research and write for my projects!

  1. Listen to the whispers.
  2. Be devoted to your idea.
  3. Be ambitious.
  4. Be a great storyteller.
  5. Study the past.
  6. Don’t chase money.
  7. Express your own originality.
  8. Follow your intuition.
  9. Leave an impression.
  10. Just do it.

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Jon Morrow has been paralyzed from the neck down since birth, but despite his challenges he has done amazing things in his life including creating multi-million dollar businesses.

Linked below is one of the most inspiring interviews I’ve listened to. Entrepreneur, author, and podcast show host James Altucher interviews Jon Morrow who has been paralyzed from the neck down since birth, but despite his challenges he has done amazing things in his life including creating multi-million dollar businesses.

I cried several times as I listened to this podcast interview late one evening earlier this week while I was laying in my bed in the dark, in my attempt to sleep. Jon Morrow is such an inspiration.

When he was a very little boy, he almost died a number of times because his disease caused him to get pneumonia, and because his lungs were so weak, his mother would push down hard on his chest to get the mucous out of his lungs so he could breathe and survive. However, by doing this, young Jon was in great pain because his ribs got fractured by his mothers’ pressure.

At [26:25] of the interview,  Jon stated: “When I got into kindergarten, another kid called me disabled, and I said, ‘What does that mean?’ And, he started laughing.” Jon’s teacher came over and said, “You don’t know what that means?” He didn’t. So he asked his mom. She thought about it and said, “It means you can’t do something as well as someone else. But it also goes the other way.” She said, “Everyone in the world can’t do something as well as someone else…” So everyone in a sense is disabled. Jon took inventory of his skills. Then he mastered them.

Later, Jon almost died from a multi-vehicle accident. He went through a lot of pain and surgeries. In another bad turn of events, Jon had been successfully raising multi-millions of dollars for his father’s development company but the company went down after the 2008 market crash and at that time, to make it worse, his mother lost her job. Despite these challenges, he went to Mexico where he could get better healthcare than the United States and spent long hours day after day in developing his online training and education companies in regards to finance, writing techniques, blogging, online web development, online marketing, etc. With great effort and perseverance, in combination with his prior years of work and blogging, Jon mixed his various skills and experiences to successfully launch his companies.

James Altucher Interview of Jon Morrow


Jon Morrow and James Altucher

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