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Everlasting Youth is in My Head

Everlasting Youth is in My Head
Everlasting Youth is in My Head

Everlasting youth is in my head.
A world of fantastical journeys
that exist between the living and the dead.
Each story’s message is the same.
To reach the arc ahead, 
I must understand my pain.

– Positive Masters, Jon Riki Karamatsu, 9/7/2020 –

Children are curious, eager to learn, open minded, and imaginative. I strongly believe it’s beneficial to have these qualities as adults. Combine them with your life experiences to get creative with your life, career, and business. As a teen or adult, you have the ability to go deep into your soul and analyze the benefits that can come out of your emotional pain. I had all of this in mind when I wrote the poem I posted.

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With Warmest Aloha, Jon

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Dragons & Tigers

The world of imagination is where the magic lives. My niece and I create worlds where dragons and tigers make friends with different life forms and collect different powers to protect the universe from the darkness that exist among all beings and creatures. The lessons in our make-believe realms can play a huge role in our daily reality, even our life’s purpose. Here, we’re playing at a playground.

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