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Are you facing financial challenges? Here are 5 ways to save some money that you can apply in your life.

Are you facing financial challenges?Β Is it because of a business venture(s) you’re working on or did you lose your job? First of all, don’t beat yourself up. Everything we do has a risk. Nothing is 100% safe. Life is about giving things a shot. You succeed, fail, adjust, succeed, fail, adjust . . . We take chances on opportunities, learn, and evolve. That’s how we grow.

When it comes to managing your money during your challenging times, before you purchase something, ask yourself, “Is this something I want or something I need?” Only address your necessities. Put aside your wants for now. Here are 5 ways to save some money that you can apply in your life:

(1) Walk and travel by mass transit instead of owning a vehicle.

(2)Β Cancel services you don’t need.

(3) Use coupons and customer rewards and look for sales when buying necessities.

(4) Maximize the goods you own and express your gratitude for them.

(5) Reuse plastic bags and ziplock bags for your trash.

I’m actually practicing these 5 pointers right now to save money after I undertook financial risks with my recent start-up businesses that I have on my own and with my business partners.Β By downgrading my lifestyle and maximizing small deals and recycling, I lower my stress because I know I’m doing my best with what I can control to undertake my latest journey on my unchartered and often scary adventure. I have other practices that I can share with you later.

Always be grateful for every good thing you have in your life.Β Don’t let the darkness cover them up. Sending you positive energy!

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5 Benefits of reading fiction! πŸ“šπŸ“–⁠

There are many benefits of reading fictions such as expanding your imagination, motivating you to be the hero in your life, increasing your empathy, learning different styles of writing, and reducing your stress.

Besides this list, there are many more benefits of reading fiction. These benefits are some that have been beneficial for me. I hope they helpful for you as well!

5 Benefits of reading fiction: πŸ“šπŸ“–β 

(1) Fiction expands your imagination. You visualize the characters & scenes. πŸ˜ƒβ 

(2) Fiction motivates you to be the hero in your life. In most novels, the protagonist faces obstacles to become a hero. Win or lose, you respect the protagonist for his/her tremendous efforts. Likewise, you can do the same in your journey. πŸ‘Šβ β 

(3) Fiction helps you empathize for others. When you read fiction, you empathize for the characters undergoing hardship, an important quality to have in your life and career. ❀️⁠

(4) Through fiction, you learn different styles of writing that aren’t usually shown in nonfiction books. πŸ–‹οΈβ 

(5) Fiction reduces your stress by taking you into other worlds and into the lives of unique characters. 😊⁠

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