The compound effect applies to everything we do!

The compound effect applies to everything we do!

The compound effect applies to everything we do! It applies to learning, reading, writing, skills, exercise, relationships, investments, and more. A little hard work every day on your goals add up over time. In a year, you will be a different person from last new year’s day.

Sure, we humans want things immediately. That’s why we give up when things don’t happen right away.

Even brilliant people like Einstein took many years, even decades to reach their goals. There are no shortcuts for audacious goals. Such goals are always difficult.

All great things require perseverance and patience. Your big project will be overwhelming. Therefore, diligently work on one small logical step at a time. Over time, you will put the million pieces of your puzzle together. The picture for your finished puzzle, your vision that turned into reality will look and feel amazing because of the stress, anxiety, and tears you went through.

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