Barkers vs. Doers

Everywhere you work, you will see barkers and doers who rise to the top whether in companies, government, nonprofits, and start-ups.

Barkers are people who bark. They tell people what to do, judge, and take the credit, equity, and power. Often times, they are alphas or wannabe alphas. They can rise by organizing, speaking, and strategizing. They fill their void with people with knowledge, skills, and experience to get what they want.

Doers will do the work. They lead by example. If there is a problem, they will give it their all to figure it out. Doers can also be alphas, but their barking is mainly spoken through their actions. Many doers are also Sigmas, emotionally intelligent people who attract others with their caring personality. People follow them because they want to rather than have to.

I had a long talk with my close, longtime friend last night while on my run. I have a handful of high risk projects on my plate. All of my work for these projects take deep thinking, reasoning, and creativity. According to scientists and productivity experts, 4 hours is the amount of time most people can do such deep work uninterrupted in a day. After that fatigue makes it challenging to do deep work. It also reduces your quality of work. Therefore, time is extremely valuable.

My brand and creative writing has been pushed to the back lately in place of my other projects. I’m using a productivity app called Forest @forest_app that helps identify how many hours I am allocating to each project. I seriously need to dedicate more of my hours toward my brand and creative writing. I will use my Forest app to reach this goal.

Keep crushing it my friends! ❤

109th Exercise for 2021: Ran 4.15 miles & did 57th strength training – 200 crunches & 200 push-ups (Ran 329.64 mi. total for 2021).

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