Stack Your Skills!

Stack your skills!

In the past, I’ve talked about stacking our skills over many years and mixing our skills to cross over to other sectors and subsectors of our economy.

For instance, writing, research, reasoning, problem solving, transactional law, speaking, psychology, government affairs, and such can be used in entertainment, aviation, energy, and many other sectors and subsectors of our economy.

10,000 hours of work in one area can be applied to another. Even if your project did not bear the fruit you hoped for, the skills you developed are the true value from that experience. Moreover, the lessons you learned from the failure and process are added to your knowledge and experience. These are things that can only be learned from experimentation and iteration.

I love learning, trying, experimenting, and iterating. It gives me stress, but it can give me a huge dopamine rush when I get an a-ha moment.

The following text from Mastery by Robert Greene @robertgreeneofficial is very motivational:

“If we keep practicing, we gain fluency; basic skills are mastered, allowing us to take on newer and more exciting challenges. We begin to see connections that were invisible to us before. We slowly gain confidence in our ability to solve problems or overcome weaknesses through sheer persistence.”

Stay positive my friends. Don’t let your cognitive distortions ruin your momentum and abilities. You got this!

In this picture, I completed my 111th Exercise for 2021 on 10/10/2021 by running 3.38 miles in Waikele (Ran 337.15 mi. total for 2021).

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