2/12/2013 Highlights

On 2/12/2013, at 9:30 A.M., I testified before the House Human Services Committee commenting on HB1006 that allows the Department of Human Services to create a Family Justice Center task force to consider the establishment of family justice centers to assist victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, or human trafficking, and provide family-based social services. One of the goals of the bill is to help fund Family Justice Centers, which we would be very grateful to receive.

At 11:00 A.M., Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tricia Nakamatsu and I celebrated Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Allen Yadao’s birthday ad Dave & Buster’s for lunch. We shot some basketballs and played a couple of video games.

At 2:05 P.M., before the House Judiciary Committee, I had testimony in support of HB853 that proposes a constitutional amendment to permit the appropriation of public funds for private early childhood education programs, as provided by law; and HB864 HD1 that establishes the Early Childhood Education Program within the Early Learning System. Effective upon the ratification of the proposed constitutional amendment, proposed by H.B. 853 (2013), permitting public funds for private early childhood education programs.

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