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I seek savior in ages of critical thought.

I seek savior in ages of critical thought.

I seek savior in ages of critical thought.

I’m so lost.
I have one foot in the living,
while the other foot is out.
I seek savior in ages of critical thought.

– poem, +positive masters+, Jon Riki Karamatsu, 3/3/2020 –

At times, you may have conflicting feelings that pull you in opposite directions. In this poem, I refer to your feeling of wanting to get away from everything; yet, you’re still wanting to be a part of it. You’re frustrated with the bad things in the universe; yet, you greatly appreciate the good. If you’re feeling this, I understand. I go through these periods too.

Critical thinking – philosophy has helped me to calm my racing mind and fears. For example, Stoicism and Buddhism has been beneficial for me when managing any suffering I face because these practices help me to accept that suffering is a part of the process of living as a human. By accepting it, I’m more able to direct my mind to work on things that I have control over and to appreciate the good things in my life. Also, reading about the tremendous suffering that a number of philosophers had gone through, some of which were for speaking their thoughts and hypotheses, has motivated me to endure my own suffering.

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You have worries. ⁠You have sadness. ⁠

You have worries. ⁠You have sadness. ⁠We all do. ⁠Nothing to be ashamed about.⁠

You have worries. ⁠ You have sadness. ⁠ We all do. ⁠ Nothing to be ashamed about.⁠

You have worries. ⁠
You have sadness. ⁠
We all do. ⁠
Nothing to be ashamed about.⁠

You don’t have to feel embarrassed about your anxiety and sadness. Everyone goes through these emotions. ❤️⁠

The haters and negative people who judge you are likely going through their own struggles, probably worse because they have to put others down to feel better. ⁠

Our company, +positive masters+ is part of a growing community bringing mental health to the center stage through our writing and merchandise. You can visit us at www.positivemasters.com. 😊⁠

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Peace is my purpose.

Peace is my purpose.

I became a lawyer and politician with this goal in mind through the laws and programs I created or supported.

I enjoy business because #commerce can connect people when a great value is provided.

I love writing fiction because you can touch the souls of people by evoking their emotions through the struggles your characters go through. If you can make a reader have compassion and empathy for a character they would have disliked or even hated but for the story, then you’ve played a small role in bridging the division created by human judgment. Such stories can be adapted into audio and visual form such as audio books and movies to reach a greater audience.

Nonfiction writing can play a role in our self-development in not just our career but our personal development to attain inner peace. If all of us are at peace, the world will be at peace.

So what do you think about attaining world peace? If we break it down into bite size pieces and work on ourselves and help others every single day, it’s possible right!

May peace be with you! Sending you positive energy!

With Warmest Aloha,

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I’m pictured here working with a former business partner for branding and marketing on 2/13/2019.

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Being open about our vulnerability takes great strength, which will connect one another as we progress forward.

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