I seek savior in ages of critical thought.

I seek savior in ages of critical thought.

I seek savior in ages of critical thought.

I’m so lost.
I have one foot in the living,
while the other foot is out.
I seek savior in ages of critical thought.

– poem, +positive masters+, Jon Riki Karamatsu, 3/3/2020 –

At times, you may have conflicting feelings that pull you in opposite directions. In this poem, I refer to your feeling of wanting to get away from everything; yet, you’re still wanting to be a part of it. You’re frustrated with the bad things in the universe; yet, you greatly appreciate the good. If you’re feeling this, I understand. I go through these periods too.

Critical thinking – philosophy has helped me to calm my racing mind and fears. For example, Stoicism and Buddhism has been beneficial for me when managing any suffering I face because these practices help me to accept that suffering is a part of the process of living as a human. By accepting it, I’m more able to direct my mind to work on things that I have control over and to appreciate the good things in my life. Also, reading about the tremendous suffering that a number of philosophers had gone through, some of which were for speaking their thoughts and hypotheses, has motivated me to endure my own suffering.

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