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Have a routine to launch your day with a good mood!

Have a routine to launch your day with a good mood!
Have a routine to launch your day with a good mood!

To manage my monkey mind (worries, racing thoughts, fear) as shown on the Monkey Mind Unisex T-Shirt I’m wearing (available for purchase at Positive Masters e-commerce store at https://positivemasters.com), I start my day by journaling my wins from the previous day, sleep, any dreams, action plan for the day, and ideas for my most important project or two for the day. I love to do this while listening to electronic dance music, my happy music! I also express my thanks to my tech toys for being a huge part of my life! ðŸĪŠ

Have a routine to launch your day with a good mood, so you’re ready to rock your work on your hustle day or spend quality time with people your love on your rest day. 😃🌄

The mission of Positive Masters at https://positivemasters.com is to encourage you to strengthen your mindset and develop your passion projects to boost your happiness and counter any stress, anxiety, depression, and/or anger you may be facing through its blog, podcast, videos, designs, and merchandise. âĪ

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Breakfast for energy, productivity, maintaining weight, and essential nutrients!

When I was younger, I often skipped breakfast and went straight to work. Now, I do my best to eat breakfast. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Breakfast gives us that boost of energy to wake us up and move forward in our day.
  2. Breakfast fuels our brain and helps us with our concentration and information retention, key for our productivity.
  3. Breakfast helps us maintain our weight by increasing our metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day.
  4. Having a healthy breakfast provides us the essential nutrients we need for the day.


I’m pictured here on the morning of Tuesday March 19, 2019. I had just awakened with puffed up and uncombed hair. I’m holding my bowl with oatmeal and sliced banana. These foods are very beneficial for us, which I’ll go over in future posts.

My daily practices: breakfast, mindfulness, and gratitude!

Have yourself a wonderful breakfast so you can attack your day with a healthy mind and body!

With Warmest Aloha, Jon

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If I had to choose one word that best describes how I live, it would be “tenacity.” When I know what I want to do, I lock onto my vision of achieving my goal and work at it every day. I aim for the highest level of what I’m dreaming of so even if I fall short, I would still be at a really good place in my journey of life. Tenacity is what drives me through my failures. My Pearl City High School soccer coach Ron Mata would tell us, “Play with tenacity! Like a bulldog that bites and doesn’t let go.”

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Kaizen is the Japanese word for “continuous improvement” and to change for the better. We work hard at a big goal little by little until we reach it, or attain a level much higher from the time we began the journey. No large goal can be accomplished overnight but rather over time through consistent efforts.

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