If you have problems and flaws, you have a story!!!

Dim the light of my laptop.
Darkness moves all over me.
I play a song.
The melodic sound pulls my soul.
I float to a place where only emotions flow.
The feelings of love overwhelms me.
Tingling sensations move throughout me.
I cry.
– Poem, Jon Riki Karamatsu, 2/22/19 –

I wrote this poem in about a minute in the early morning of 2/22/19. Poems are a way for us to write at a higher emotional realm. It’s therapeutic for me. When I was younger, I would go to events & gatherings that often involved alcohol. I would work super hard, nonstop & saw charity events, business mixers, & social gatherings as a break to look forward to, a reward for the hard work I’ve done. Socializing with positive people is good but the alcohol part led me to my DUI incidents, one I called the police on myself, the other I was placed in jail & charged with refusal when I asked questions that only a prosecuting attorney would ask, which I was at the time. There’s other ways to relieve stress, anxiety, & sadness. I spend a great majority of my time with my laptop, my partner. Together, we produce things for myself & others. I catch the bus & only go to events if it’s something I have to do for my business or client, or if it’s for someone I care about. Sometimes I get rides with my mom or my business partner.

To heal my suffering, I have to go within me. By working on creative writing, especially fiction, I can live other lives, experience different places, & fall in love. The words we put on paper evoke our five senses & feelings. Every journey, like our own lives, has its conflicts. Every protagonist has his or her flaws & vulnerability. Without conflicts & character flaws, there is no story. If we did write it, it would be boring. So if you have problems & flaws in your life, you have a story! You’re our protagonist, our hero who we are rooting for!!! Keep going my friends!!!

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