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Barbecuing at Hawaii Council of Jodo Mission 42nd Biennial Convention.

Barbecuing with Kenneth Matsusugu at Hawaii Council of Jodo Mission 42nd Biennial Convention

Barbecuing with Kenneth Matsusugu at Hawaii Council of Jodo Mission 42nd Biennial Convention

Here, Kenneth Matsusugu and I were cooking chicken, steaks, and buttered corn for the Hawaii Council of Jodo Mission 42nd Biennial Convention, the statewide organization of Jodo Mission in Hawaii, which was held at Jodo Mission of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii from Fri. Sept. 20 to Sun. Sept. 22. Kenneth was the former president of Haleiwa Jodo Mission for many years. We had a great talk about his life and career in the army and as a civil engineer. 😊

The delegates of the convention updated its bylaws, elected a new Bishop, presented its budget, and other matters. My great grandparents and grandparents were active members of Jodo Mission in Hawaii. I hope they’re happy to see me contributing to this organization. I’ve been a board member of Jodo Mission of Hawaii (Betsuin or headquarters in Hawaii) since 2006, taking my Grandma Bessie Karamatsu’s seat after her passing and president since 2011. I’ve been a delegate to the Hawaii Council of Jodo Mission since about 2011. ❤

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Obon Services at Jodo Mission of Hawaii on Juky, 12, 2019.

I attended the Jodo Shu Hawaii obon services on July 12, 2019 with my dad, mom, and younger sister Lara.

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Preparing the otobas for obon services for Jodo Shu Hawaii.

This morning of Sunday July 7, 2019, members and friends of Jodo Shu Hawaii set up the otoba for obon services. This year, the set up is in the social hall because the outdoor structure we had was getting old and was large and heavy so the amount of manpower needed was hard on our aging volunteers. The otobas have the names of our loved ones who passed away. Obon services and Bon Dance is a special time when our ancestors are with us, though we pray to them throughout the whole year so they’re always with us. I’m serving my 9th year as president and 14th year as a board member of the organization. 😊

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Services for Jodo Shu Hawaii’s 125th Anniversary in Hawaii on the morning of Sunday June 9, 2019.

Services for Jodo Shu Hawaii’s 125th Anniversary in Hawaii on the morning of Sunday June 9, 2019.

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Farewell Mrs. Yoshiko Kitagawa.

This afternoon, January 26, 2019, I attended the funeral of my friend and long-time member of Jodo Mission of Hawaii, Mrs. Yoshiko Kitagawa that was held at Hosoi Garden Mortuary. Mrs. Kitagawa was a friend of my late grandparents Maurice (passed away in 1992) and Bessie (passed away in 1996) Karamatsu. As President of Jodo Mission of Hawaii, I represented the organization in placing incense at the front of the service.

Mrs. Kitagawa passed away on December 15, 2018 at the age of 99. She was born in Wailuku, Hawaii. She is the founder of L&L restaurant, which was sold to Eddie Flores. Mrs. Kitagawa is survived by her sons, Hiram, Eric; daughters, Mary Lim, Dianne Douglas (Ashley), Audrey Kitagawa (Dr. Gary Umeda); grandsons, Ian Douglas, Kai Melton-Kitagawa.

For the last 3 decades, I would see Mrs. Kitagawa at Jodo Mission of Hawaii’s services and events. For awhile in the last 8 years, she would playfully ask me when I was going to find a girl and settle down. I enjoyed my chats with her. I will miss her.

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Condolence Speech for Bishop Yubun Narashiba

Condolence Speech for Bishop Yubun Narashiba

Bishop Yubun Narashiba had a huge presence at Jodo Mission of Hawaii. Huge presence. On March 3, 1985, he became a reverend here at the Betsuin.  On September 1, 1987, he was assigned to Koloa Jodo Mission in Kauai. He returned back here at the Betsuin on November 1, 1997.  Bishop Narashiba served as our temple’s religious leader and a member of our board of directors.  He was also serving as Bishop of the Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions since September 16, 2017, the religious leader of our statewide organization.  This last go around was Bishop Narshiba’s second stint as our Bishop since he was also Bishop from September 1999 to September 2003.

I’ve known of Bishop Narashiba since I was a boy coming here at Jodo Mission of Hawaii with my grandpa Maurice Karamatsu, grandma Bessie Karamatsu and my immediate family. I became closer with him as a young adult after I became a member of the Jodo Mission of Hawaii’s Board of Directors in 2006 as First Vice President, taking my grandma Bessie Karamatsu’s board seat after her passing that year. I got to work even closer with Bishop Narashiba after I became president of this organization in January of 2011.

What was really impressive about Bishop Narashiba was his ability to do so many things from religious services, welcoming members and guests, office and administrative work, handiwork to fix minor repairs on our premises, labor work by helpings us set up and breaking down our otoba for obon service and our yagura for bon dance, traveling to Japan to for training or to meet with leadership at Jodo Shu headquarters, representing our organization at the Hawaii Buddhist Council with leaders of other sects of Buddhism, and attending community events.

Like many of you, it’s hard to believe Bishop Yubun Narashiba passed away.  He was still young, and it happened so suddenly.  I feel like he’s going to step up to the podium right now and speak to us with his warm smile.  In many ways, he’s still with us because he left such a wonderful impression on us.  He lived with compassion, empathy, the Eightfold Path, and all the Buddhist teachings.  He lived it.  Besides being with us spiritually, his legacy is also all around us. When you see all the wonderful improvements of our temple, social hall, and apartment building, think of Bishop Narashiba. He played a large role in fixing and beautifying our facilities.

Bishop Narashiba lived by example through his love and compassion.  We are so lucky to have experienced the time we had with him.

Bishop Narashiba, thank you so much for being a part of our lives.  Aloha.




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2018 Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bon Dance

Jodo Mission of Hawaii’s bon dance is today Friday August 17 and tomorrow Saturday August 18, 2018 from 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Food booths starts at 4:30 PM, Jizo bon prayer is at 5:45 PM, Taiko performance by Dragon Beat is at 6:00 PM, and bon dancing begins at 6:30 PM. Jodo Mission of Hawaii is located at 1429 Makiki Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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