You can have meaning in your life through your experiences!

You can have meaning in your life through your

Experience things that brings you joy!

Having a Meaningful Life – Part 2 of 3! 👊

You can have meaning in your life through your (1) creativity, (2) experiences, and (3) attitude. Let’s go over experiences. 😃

In addition to your creativity, you can have meaning in your life through your experiences, both good and bad. For instance, when you complete a challenging goal, say running a marathon after a year of training, you feel extremely good! Maybe you spend many months teaching a child math skills. When you see the child solving the math problems, you feel joy! 😊❤ 🤗

Even when you fail at something, you can gain more meaning in your life. Although your failure is emotionally painful, you can become more driven to make your comeback. You try harder or reinvent yourself by trying new things. You learn, grow, and evolve from your failure so you can succeed again! 🙌

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