Aunty May Fumiko Akimoto

On Sunday July 24, 2016 at 2:00 p.m., I served as the MC for my Great Aunty May Fumiko Akimoto who is my mom’s baby sister’s mother-in-law. The service was held at Hosoi in Honolulu, Hawaii. My cousins Chelsea and Jill gave a nice remembrance speech, and it was touching to see the little ones, Tatum, Zoe, and Parker say their “Thank you” to the guests and “I love you” to their late great grandma, May Fumiko Akimoto. I will miss her.


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2 responses to “Aunty May Fumiko Akimoto

  1. Jill Akimoto

    Hey Jon!
    I came across your Web page while looking up grandma’s obituary. Thank you for your acknowledgement of our grandma. She will surely be missed.


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