Escaping Your Emotional Pain.

Good day!

Check out this clip from Episode 1 of the Positive Masters Show podcast regarding escaping your emotional pain. I describe how going out, being with people, and being surrounded by alcohol, food, and laughter was my escape from my stress, anxiety, and sadness.

The entire Episode 1 is about 3 gratitude practices that you can do daily. You can listen to it on our Positive Masters Youtube Channel and on all major podcast platforms where you can subscribe to our show.

I hope my openness about my emotional suffering and how I use my 70+ practices in psychology, philosophy, mindset, and lifestyle to keep moving forward with sparks of happiness can help you in your life.

Enjoy the Positive Masters universe at for mindset and business practices, motivational podcast episodes and writing, and apparel and accessories with inspirational mantras to boost your happiness and counter any anxiety, sadness, or anger that you may be facing.

In the future, we’ll be offering online courses to strengthen your mindset using psychology, philosophy, mindset practices, and lifestyle practices. We’ll also have online courses to help you turn your passion project into your passion business using legal documents, government programs, and business tools.

Wishing you good health and happiness!

With Warmest Aloha,


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