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8: Positive Masters – Study & Work with Me. Cinematic Music. Two 1-Hour Pomodoros.

8: Positive Masters - Study & Work with Me. Cinematic Music. Two 1-Hour Pomodoros.
8: Positive Masters – Study & Work with Me. Cinematic Music. Two 1-Hour Pomodoros.
8: Positive Masters – Study & Work with Me. Cinematic Music. Two 1-Hour Pomodoros.

In this video, let’s study and work together for two 1-hour Pomodoros (study and work sessions). If you’re stressed with your job and have a mean boss and demanding clients, pivot yourself by working on your passion projects with me on the side during breaks, after work, and on weekends. Make your passion project into your passion business and get out of a work situation that can ruin your health, mentally and physically. Your life is too valuable to be abused by those who are greedy and lack empathy. Let’s crush our passion projects!!!

I spent hours combing through cinematic songs that I purchased the licenses for as I studied and worked. The songs I chose really gave me that right mood. I hope you like them as well. I’m a lawyer, small business person, and retired politician from Hawaii. My passion projects are writing fiction and creating content about mindset and mental health.

I’m happy to have you as my study and work partner. Together, we can push through our ups and downs in our quest to improve ourselves and create value for others. We can’t control outside influences, but we can control our effort to learn, develop our skills, and bolster our relationships. That is my mission and the mission of Positive Masters.

Enjoy Positive Masters’ blog, podcast, videos, and products at https://positivemasters.com to strengthen your mindset and build your passion projects to boost your happiness and counter any anxiety, sadness, or anger you may be experiencing. Wishing you well!

With Warmest Aloha,

Jon Riki Karamatsu

0:00 Intro

0:50 First 1-Hour Pomodoro (Study and Work Session)

1:00:53 15-Minute Break

1:16:03 Second 1-Hour Pomodoro (Study and Work Session)

2:16:07 Outro and Information About Positive Masters

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Just Breathe With Me

Every child is born into this realm with innocence. As we progress through life, we try to make sense of everything. Good people keep tying to do good, while those with anger, greed, jealousy, and the like, move around them like demons thirsting for power – all validating their actions, all thinking they’re right. In the end, death chases all of us down. By then, the children of tomorrow have become the next wave of love and hate. We’re all just part of this crazy cycle.

So which side are you truly on?

This song projects my frustration with the darkness of this world – “Breathe” by Eric Prydz ft. Rob Swire.

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Our Take, Take World.

We live in a take, take world. When our energy is drained to the point where our health begins to fade, it’s time to pause to review our life and then make the changes necessary to recover.

To combat this, we have to focus on those who fill us with positive energy and who truly care for who we are. We also need to work on what we’re passionate about and provide value that helps others. Somehow, when we do this, good things come back to us.



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