Motivate Myself

Started my early morning of February 13, 2018 with some oatmeal with banana, green tea latte, and a motivational entrpreneurial video. My goals for this week: update the business plan for our FBO company, complete 1,800 words for a total of 70,000 words for my 2nd novel, draft performance agreement and partner agreement for a concert I have a minority interest in, write the strategy for a variance request for the development of homes for a development and construction company I’m working with, craft some policies regarding land use for an agency I’m doing volunteer work for, run 4+ miles 4x, and review latest construction repairs for Jodo Shu Hawaii.

#entrepreneurship #business #law #transactionallaw #fbo #aviation #concert #music #novel #book #development #buildinghomes #landuse #policies #run #exercise #construction #repairs #nonprofit #motivate #grind #keepgoing

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