Enjoy your music and use it to lift your spirit and motivate you for your passion projects !!!

I love #music !!! I listen to it everyday. It inspires me in my #creativewriting , lifts my soul when I’m feeling down, and celebrates with me when I achieve my #goals !!!

#electronicdancemusic is a favorite of mine because of the upbeat sound, which helps me tremendously in staying #positive in life! Hence, my past participation in producing #edm #concerts !!!

I listen to #classical and #instrumental music for deep thinking #work for #business and #law.

#reggae and #hawaiianmusic is for when I want to chill.

I love #80smusic because it reminds me of my good times when I was a kid and teen.

I enjoy #lovesongs because I love #writing and #reading #stories with #romance in it. I also love watching #romanticmovies . Heck, we all want to be romantically in love right?!!!

When I’m being criticized in public because of my past career in #politics , I listen to #hiphop and #rock ! I listen to these genres for fun too!

There are many more types of music I listen to that helps my soul. I love it!!!

Enjoy your music and use it to lift your #spirit and #motivate you for your #passion #projects !!!

I’m pictured here wearing my wireless #bose #headphones from my friend Ryan Sanada.

My daily practice: listen to music!

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